Tuesday, April 12, 2011

food for thinking

I am tired of eating.

A few weeks ago, I brought fancy new customized sneakers. I have gone walk/jogging a few times and I am enjoying it very much. I downloaded a cool application that talks to me and shares my progress during the activity. I like this.

I don't like eating.

After much debate in my mind and more research and almost a year, I decided to purchase MEDIFAST. It should be here soon. I feel like a cheater, but I'm just really at a loss of what else to try/do. Was contemplating Overeaters Anonymous, but the meetings are too far. I am rationalizing that I will lose weight, jumpstart myself and maintain whatever I lose.

Wishful thinking, but sometimes desperate times call for chocolate vitamin milkshakes.

I am just done with leaning on food to help me feel better. I am finished with impulsive eating. I need to STOP! and THINK! when food is around, but my willpower is lacking. I know what things taste like, I have access to things but I still feel this rush sometimes when I'm eating.

It needs to stop.

I am going to work on changing my relationship with food completely. Maybe this is the push I need to get it changing.