Monday, May 18, 2009

cause and effect

Life has finally settled down.

I am now an Addiction Counselor at my internship site, they hired me and I started almost two weeks ago. I actually love my job, talking to my patients and helping them find themselves. It is a pretty awesome feeling.

I graduated last Saturday, although I did not attend the ceremony. Instead, I laid on the couch and napped, waking up every now and then to watch a Law & Order re-run. It was blissful. Afterwards, I went a festival we have up here and binge drank with my friends and gorged myself with disgusting-ly delicious Mexican food. Plus tequila, didn't agree with my tummy. Puked. Went on drinking. Sunday, Mother's day, was also a food festival.

Like I (and maybe you) have said, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" Monday I dragged my ass (and my mom's ass, because she was in town) to Weight Watchers and climbed on the scale after almost two months absence. I bought my mom her initial month's membership for Mother's day. Even feeling good about that did not prepare me.

Needless to say, I was not excited when I found out I weighed 167.8 pounds. I have gained back 12 pounds, because: I got cocky, I can't stop eating when food is in front of me, I don't keep track of my food intake, I don't exercise regularly, I am a self-saboteur.

I hummed and hawed all week, got one day in of exercise and I lost 1.8 pounds this week. It's not enough.