Saturday, August 13, 2011

the fight

20 lbs down. Things are slow but well. Still feeling focused and I've been working out quite consistently. 30 minutes of cardio or weights or both. Sometimes a 3.5 mile walk or a bike ride where I live on sunny days. Not necessarily challenging myself, but at least I'm trying?

And it's so darn hard to cut out carbs completely. And summer time is always the hardest time for me. The heat. The lack of motivation to cook. The Alcohol. But 20 lbs in four months is pretty decent, even though if I followed it strictly, I'd probably weigh A LOT less by now.

Lately I've been feeling the sense of loss, like that feeling in the pit of my stomach when I don't get to eat something I want. Like the other day I passed up a buffalo chicken quesadilla, all hot and cheesy. I had a buffalo chicken salad instead and it was good but still.... That longing for "normal" eating, like how everyone else gets to.

I suppose this is how it will go. Forever. All over again. Healthy in, healthy out.