Monday, April 30, 2007

this is why i'm hot

The most profound lyrics on the radio this morning:

I'm hot 'cause I'm fly.
You ain't, 'cause you're not.
This is why. This is why. This is why I'm hot.

Right-o. So anyways. (Special shout out to Ms. Murphy who reports that she is doing AWESOME on her weight loss!) Back to ME. This week went well. I walked a ton, did pilates, I ate pretty decently, drank lots of water, and was overall very healthy. I ran out of food in the house towards the end of the week, and was kind of living off of whatever I had left in the fridge, cabinets, etc. Just went shopping yesterday and bought real eggs (a food i haven't had in FOR-EV-ER) and I'm excited that I'm going to make an omelette after I finish this blogger up.

Friday was a bad day, and my friend Laurie Ann came over and force fed me a slice of Paesan's pizza because I hadn't eaten all day.

Saturday I worked for a few hours and then headed back to Siena to watch the girls & boys teams play rugby for Siena Fest (which is basically an all-out weekend of boozing). After several compliments about my weight loss, the fact that my stomach is flat and how pretty my hair was, I got coaxed into going to the drink-up (in rugby, it's a social event where you drink after you play) and managed to drink quite a bit of beer. On a partially empty stomach. The advantages of being an alumae are sweet at these events. Basically, I tell younger boy "rookies" to pour me a glass of beer and they do it. Without question. Because I'm a boss. The above picture is me on the phone with god-knows-who, and Caitlin being...well Caitlin. So, I drank beeer, watched the men's teams sing to each other (another fun aspect of rugby culture) and then I went with some people to Malt River to eat Buffalo-Chicken-fingers and sweet potato fries and drink...some more beer. After eating, I felt much, much better. I ended up back on campus (much to my dismay) but I had a decent time catching up with people, insulting everyone else and getting hit on by a few 20-yr old boys. One even had conjunctivitis. Yum?

Yesterday, I behaved, except for going to Bomber's and eating a jerk-pork taco for breakfast. I even went to the gym beforehand, while I did laundry. It seems my weekends are getting to be more fun now that the weather is nicer. No more cold, lonely nights in the apartment watching back-to-back episodes of "What Not To Wear." This upcoming weekend is Alumni weekend and I'm super stoked for that. Weekend after, I'm heading to North Carolina to visit my newly engaged best friend Tito. Expect pictures.

So...since I just went on and on about my fun Saturday, I'll get back to the serious stuff.

This week's statistics:
11." (lost .5)

Legs: 22"


Current Weight: 173.2 pounds

Cumulative Stats: 20 lost total/12 inches gone from body
3.2 pounds for 10% goal
/ 25 to go
This week I resolve to:
Switch things up because it appears that I'm hitting a plateau in the losing department. Perhaps eating larger meals earlier in the day and lighter later at night?

MmMmm omelette time.

Monday, April 23, 2007

- 20 pounds + 5 months=me

Hello friends, friends-of-friends and stalkers,

I'm writing with FANTASTIC news. Today is officially my 5 month mark and today I'm officially 20 pounds lighter than when I started. HOOOOORAY! I actually spoke up at the
Weight Watchers meeting today. I told everyone how one of my best friend's and I have been losing weight together for years now. And I celebrated that I lost 20 lbs. 5 on my own, 14.6 with WW. I got a little teary eyed, feeling really proud of myself. Afterwards, I talked about planning my lifetime goal. The leader told me that once I hit 10% (170 lbs) that she and I will talk about what to do next. Upon calculating a healthy BMI, I'm planning to weigh between 140-150 pounds. I will probably set the goal to be 148, that way I won't ever go above 150. I'm not putting a time limit on it, but I'd like to be there before I turn 25.
This week went pretty well. I felt awful on Thursday, so I came home early and just laid in bed all day. On Friday afternoon, my co-workers and I went out for Indian food (buffet style) and I managed to consume two rounds...ding! ding! (If you know me, that's funny). Since that was the most I had eaten in awhile, I just sat there with this look on my face like "Ugggh!" I didn't feel disgusted or anything, just really full. Luckily we had walked there, and Friday was gorgeous, so I felt better just getting some fresh air when I walked back to the office. Friday afternoon, my two friends and I hit up Lark Street and did a pub-crawl. My new favorite alcoholic beverage is a Ruby Red Cosmo. Tastes like grapefruit. Yum-o.

We were excited about the weather being so glorious that we forgot to eat dinner. Oops. I ended up ordering some mozzarella sticks later in the evening and eating about 3 of them. Then we ran into some people we knew and I ate their pizza. Dipped in sour cream. Ewww. Saturday, Amy came up and we ended up heading back out to Lark Street AFTER dinner. The burgers we ate messed with our stomachs. I only had 1 Ruby Red Cosmo that night, to show Amy what heaven was like.

Yesterday morning, Kristen and I walked a good 5 miles in this beautiful sunshine. I think I got a little bit of a tan. Today is even sunnier. I'm going to walk on my own in a few minutes, possibly another 5? Maybe even 6? I'm going to put on a few sports bras and work it.

This week's statistics:


Legs: 22"

38.5" (half an inch!)

Current Weight: 173.6 pounds

Cumulative Stats: 20 lost total/11.5 inches gone from body
3.6 pounds for 10% goal
/ no lifetime goal set as of now, but I have an idea
This week I resolve to:
Eat. Move. Smile.

Monday, April 16, 2007

it's only funny because it's true.

I'm not the father. Howard K. Stern is not the father. It's that guy with the man highlights (NEVER A GOOD LOOK!) and he's the baby daddy.

Helloooo readers. It's been an interesting week. No real challenges because my body is still in starvation mode. I eat, I feel nauseous, but I eat anyways. When I did get the urge to put food in my mouth, it was usually a healthy choice. Except for when I came home Friday night and instead of baking my 4 points worth of french fries I put them in a pan and fried those suckers until they were golden brown. French fries are a HUGE weakness food for me. I only really started the love in college, where I ate them with every meal, because I could. Now, I buy a bag of the frozen kind and portion them out into little baggies, giving myself a serving size of fries whenever I wanna. **This is a good idea for those of you trying to lose weight!! Invest in Zip-Lock bags and measure out food for exact amounts, that way you know exactly what you're eating. I really want to be a Weight Watchers leader when I lose this weight. I think I'd be awesome at it.

I didn't lose any inches this week, but I did lose another 1.6 pounds. I'm noticing that my face is looking thinner (agree?) and my body is getting harder. Last time around, I didn't exercise as much and I felt like my body was thinner but looser. Although I loved weighing less, I didn't feel as comfortable as I thought I would. This time however, eating healthy and pilates has contributed to a much longer and leaner look for me. When I started in November, I just wanted to get down to 170. I'm very, very close. I'm hoping to be there by early May. At that point in time I will decide if I want to continue downsizing. The answer will probably be yes. We'll see how that goes.

And now... I'm comming at you with the new stats for this week:
Arms: 11.5"
Legs: 22"
Waist: 33"
Hips: 39"

Current Weight: 174.4 pounds

Cumulative Stats: 18.6 lost total/11 inches gone from body
Goals: 1.4 pounds for 20lbs mark/ 4.4 pounds for 10% goal
This week I resolve to: Since I was unsuccessful (and unmotivated) to exercise more last week, I'm going to try again this week. I'm also going to up the veggies and salads, as I've been slacking in that department.

Monday, April 9, 2007

"Sometimes your best is good enough."

This past week has been rough to say the least. Facing some personal issues in my life has had my appetite fluctuating like (enter analogy where a person is up and down all of the time and has no real control) ooh wait I got it. My appetite has gone back and forth like the "Who's the REAL daddy of Anna Nicole's baby debate. Yeah.

Tito read a study that showed women tend to eat when they're depressed and men tend to eat when they're happy. Well then, I suppose I'm a man. When things are good, I have a healthy appetite (gaining BACK 28 pounds!) and when I'm looking up from rock bottom the thought of eating fills me with dread. Just call me Julio?

Regardless, I survived Easter and all of it's ham and candy. I went home this weekend to help my mom out with her surgery, see my friends and lease a new car! Managed to lose ANOTHER 1.6 pounds brining the total to 176.0 lbs of Jillian.
THIS is Bayou Betty

The tricky day was Saturday. I ended up eating 3 small and reasonably healthy meals. Breakfast was oatmeal and bacon, lunch was a turkey wrap and dinner was a nice helping of pasta brocoli alfredo and some chicken.

And then... I headed to Fiona's house and consumed: 3(4?) bottles of Coors Light and 1/2 an Ellio's pizza. Afterwards we headed to a bar down the street called Rambling House and I consumed: 1 gin&tonic, 2 (3?) bottles of beer, and a shot of SoCo & lime. As ashamed as I am to admit, after hours (think around 4:30 am) we went to a diner and I ate a cheeseburger (without the top bun) and some french fries (with ketchup, honey mustard and somebody's blue cheese)

AAAAAAAHHH!! Although I ended up having a fabulous time with my friends (pictures to follow once Megan e-mails me them) I was mortified that I had let myself go. Then I remembered that I was happy and I consumed the food/booze because I was feeling good. I got right back on track Sunday, and I just went food shopping today to pick up some fresh meats and veggies. I will not allow myself to feel guilty, I will accept that I was a piggy Saturday and move on with it. Interestingly enough, on weekends that I binge drink I tend to lose weight. (Perhaps why I was so successful @ WW in college?!?!?!?!)


Arms: 11.5"
Legs: 22"
Waist: 33"
Hips: 39"

Current Weight: 176.0 pounds

*New Bonus Feature
Cumulative Stats:
17 lost total/11 inches gone from body
Goals: 3 pounds for 20lbs mark/ 6 pounds for 10% goal
This week I resolve to: Try to eat, even when I don't feel like it. Try to exercise a little more each day to add activity points.

I'm debating right now if I should take a picture of myself in a bathing suit to see the "now" and "later" shots of weight loss. This could either be a fantastic idea or a really bad one. I'll let you know what I decide.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Note to self

  • Kerrissa, my old friend from highschool (who reads this and shares her enthusiasm)recommends Turbo-Jam to work out to and describes it as "Tae-Bo on crank." Note to self: I will HAVE to try this out, but not while using "crank". You'd think being a urbanized social worker I'd have more street cred, but I really don't know which drug crank is.
  • My classmates in Group Therapy class all told me how awesome I looked last night. Made me feel a lot better to know that people who are basically strangers and do not owe me anything are proud of my accomplishments. Mind you we're all training to be counselors and we should be nice and honest. But they did not have to go out of their way to compliment me and they all did. They see me come in each week toting my Weight Watchers mug of liquids (32 oz.) and I've talked about being hard core in weight loss success. Note to self: Bake cookies for last day of class and watch them eat all of said cookies, while I remain skinny in the corner.
  • Honestly, I began trying to lose the weight because I didn't want to be the stereo-typical fat girlfriend. I wanted to look/feel/be healthy for myself again too, but my main motivation was to be hot for him. Like when you see the guy in reasonably good shape standing next to a horse woman with a double chin and rolls hanging out of her pants so disgusting they should have butter on them and you wonder if she ate the girl he used to date. I didn't want to be her. I wasn't a heifer by any means but I was on the verge of serious pleasantly plumpness. Here I am 16+ pounds and 10.5 inches gone from me and I'm still going strong. And well, I don't have a boyfriend anymore and so now I'm going to be slim and single. Note to self: I don't really have a note to self for this one, if not to mention the irony behind my motivation?

Anywho, here comes Easter. I stole some chocolate from an Easter basket at work today. OOps. Some poor little one will not have a Twix mini bar. I really hope I don't gain anything this weekend I've been doing soooo well. I'm going to do my pilates tape now, maybe take a bath and relax for the evening. Might get a car this weekend? Plan a trip to NC to see Tito? Possibly a new tattoo? Dye my hair fiery red? (ok, that's a NO) I'm going to let loose and let go. Note to self: Good for me. I deserve it.

Monday, April 2, 2007

to the general, with love

Dear General Tso,
I love you, and your lucious chicken-y goodness. Keep up the fantastic work!


Last night Amy and Kristen came over to my apartment and I ate New Panda General Tso's and it was dee-lightful. Too bad I couldn't finish the whole thing. Right now, I'm continuing the magic as I type. MmMmM. Spicy, sweet and satisfying.
This week, I haven't been eating too much of anything. I'm hoping soon that my appetite will return to me. Not in full force, of course. But I know that not eating slows the metabolism down and then when I eat, my body just stores it and doesn't burn it up. Trying to stay positive!
On a very, very happy note I now have abdominal muscles even when I don't breathe in. I made the woman I work with feel them today. They're oblique muscle and now I'm showing the beginnings of defined abs. I'm noticing over all changes in my body. My thighs are looking a lot leaner and in a few more pounds I will have my collar bones again! I feel good about my body again. I feel a lot more confident in my clothes. It's very exciting to be successful again in the weight loss battle. I can't wait until I hit my 10% goal (7 more pounds for that!)
This week's measurements?
Arms: 11.5"
Legs: 22"
Waist: 33.5 (down ANOTHER 5. inch!)
Hips: 39
And weight?
177.6 (stayed EXACTLY the same, which is totally fine b/c I lost 4 pounds last week)
So yeah. That's me.