Monday, April 16, 2007

it's only funny because it's true.

I'm not the father. Howard K. Stern is not the father. It's that guy with the man highlights (NEVER A GOOD LOOK!) and he's the baby daddy.

Helloooo readers. It's been an interesting week. No real challenges because my body is still in starvation mode. I eat, I feel nauseous, but I eat anyways. When I did get the urge to put food in my mouth, it was usually a healthy choice. Except for when I came home Friday night and instead of baking my 4 points worth of french fries I put them in a pan and fried those suckers until they were golden brown. French fries are a HUGE weakness food for me. I only really started the love in college, where I ate them with every meal, because I could. Now, I buy a bag of the frozen kind and portion them out into little baggies, giving myself a serving size of fries whenever I wanna. **This is a good idea for those of you trying to lose weight!! Invest in Zip-Lock bags and measure out food for exact amounts, that way you know exactly what you're eating. I really want to be a Weight Watchers leader when I lose this weight. I think I'd be awesome at it.

I didn't lose any inches this week, but I did lose another 1.6 pounds. I'm noticing that my face is looking thinner (agree?) and my body is getting harder. Last time around, I didn't exercise as much and I felt like my body was thinner but looser. Although I loved weighing less, I didn't feel as comfortable as I thought I would. This time however, eating healthy and pilates has contributed to a much longer and leaner look for me. When I started in November, I just wanted to get down to 170. I'm very, very close. I'm hoping to be there by early May. At that point in time I will decide if I want to continue downsizing. The answer will probably be yes. We'll see how that goes.

And now... I'm comming at you with the new stats for this week:
Arms: 11.5"
Legs: 22"
Waist: 33"
Hips: 39"

Current Weight: 174.4 pounds

Cumulative Stats: 18.6 lost total/11 inches gone from body
Goals: 1.4 pounds for 20lbs mark/ 4.4 pounds for 10% goal
This week I resolve to: Since I was unsuccessful (and unmotivated) to exercise more last week, I'm going to try again this week. I'm also going to up the veggies and salads, as I've been slacking in that department.

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