Monday, April 23, 2007

- 20 pounds + 5 months=me

Hello friends, friends-of-friends and stalkers,

I'm writing with FANTASTIC news. Today is officially my 5 month mark and today I'm officially 20 pounds lighter than when I started. HOOOOORAY! I actually spoke up at the
Weight Watchers meeting today. I told everyone how one of my best friend's and I have been losing weight together for years now. And I celebrated that I lost 20 lbs. 5 on my own, 14.6 with WW. I got a little teary eyed, feeling really proud of myself. Afterwards, I talked about planning my lifetime goal. The leader told me that once I hit 10% (170 lbs) that she and I will talk about what to do next. Upon calculating a healthy BMI, I'm planning to weigh between 140-150 pounds. I will probably set the goal to be 148, that way I won't ever go above 150. I'm not putting a time limit on it, but I'd like to be there before I turn 25.
This week went pretty well. I felt awful on Thursday, so I came home early and just laid in bed all day. On Friday afternoon, my co-workers and I went out for Indian food (buffet style) and I managed to consume two rounds...ding! ding! (If you know me, that's funny). Since that was the most I had eaten in awhile, I just sat there with this look on my face like "Ugggh!" I didn't feel disgusted or anything, just really full. Luckily we had walked there, and Friday was gorgeous, so I felt better just getting some fresh air when I walked back to the office. Friday afternoon, my two friends and I hit up Lark Street and did a pub-crawl. My new favorite alcoholic beverage is a Ruby Red Cosmo. Tastes like grapefruit. Yum-o.

We were excited about the weather being so glorious that we forgot to eat dinner. Oops. I ended up ordering some mozzarella sticks later in the evening and eating about 3 of them. Then we ran into some people we knew and I ate their pizza. Dipped in sour cream. Ewww. Saturday, Amy came up and we ended up heading back out to Lark Street AFTER dinner. The burgers we ate messed with our stomachs. I only had 1 Ruby Red Cosmo that night, to show Amy what heaven was like.

Yesterday morning, Kristen and I walked a good 5 miles in this beautiful sunshine. I think I got a little bit of a tan. Today is even sunnier. I'm going to walk on my own in a few minutes, possibly another 5? Maybe even 6? I'm going to put on a few sports bras and work it.

This week's statistics:


Legs: 22"

38.5" (half an inch!)

Current Weight: 173.6 pounds

Cumulative Stats: 20 lost total/11.5 inches gone from body
3.6 pounds for 10% goal
/ no lifetime goal set as of now, but I have an idea
This week I resolve to:
Eat. Move. Smile.

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