Monday, April 30, 2007

this is why i'm hot

The most profound lyrics on the radio this morning:

I'm hot 'cause I'm fly.
You ain't, 'cause you're not.
This is why. This is why. This is why I'm hot.

Right-o. So anyways. (Special shout out to Ms. Murphy who reports that she is doing AWESOME on her weight loss!) Back to ME. This week went well. I walked a ton, did pilates, I ate pretty decently, drank lots of water, and was overall very healthy. I ran out of food in the house towards the end of the week, and was kind of living off of whatever I had left in the fridge, cabinets, etc. Just went shopping yesterday and bought real eggs (a food i haven't had in FOR-EV-ER) and I'm excited that I'm going to make an omelette after I finish this blogger up.

Friday was a bad day, and my friend Laurie Ann came over and force fed me a slice of Paesan's pizza because I hadn't eaten all day.

Saturday I worked for a few hours and then headed back to Siena to watch the girls & boys teams play rugby for Siena Fest (which is basically an all-out weekend of boozing). After several compliments about my weight loss, the fact that my stomach is flat and how pretty my hair was, I got coaxed into going to the drink-up (in rugby, it's a social event where you drink after you play) and managed to drink quite a bit of beer. On a partially empty stomach. The advantages of being an alumae are sweet at these events. Basically, I tell younger boy "rookies" to pour me a glass of beer and they do it. Without question. Because I'm a boss. The above picture is me on the phone with god-knows-who, and Caitlin being...well Caitlin. So, I drank beeer, watched the men's teams sing to each other (another fun aspect of rugby culture) and then I went with some people to Malt River to eat Buffalo-Chicken-fingers and sweet potato fries and drink...some more beer. After eating, I felt much, much better. I ended up back on campus (much to my dismay) but I had a decent time catching up with people, insulting everyone else and getting hit on by a few 20-yr old boys. One even had conjunctivitis. Yum?

Yesterday, I behaved, except for going to Bomber's and eating a jerk-pork taco for breakfast. I even went to the gym beforehand, while I did laundry. It seems my weekends are getting to be more fun now that the weather is nicer. No more cold, lonely nights in the apartment watching back-to-back episodes of "What Not To Wear." This upcoming weekend is Alumni weekend and I'm super stoked for that. Weekend after, I'm heading to North Carolina to visit my newly engaged best friend Tito. Expect pictures.

So...since I just went on and on about my fun Saturday, I'll get back to the serious stuff.

This week's statistics:
11." (lost .5)

Legs: 22"


Current Weight: 173.2 pounds

Cumulative Stats: 20 lost total/12 inches gone from body
3.2 pounds for 10% goal
/ 25 to go
This week I resolve to:
Switch things up because it appears that I'm hitting a plateau in the losing department. Perhaps eating larger meals earlier in the day and lighter later at night?

MmMmm omelette time.

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