Monday, February 26, 2007

that extra loving

The good news?
I lost ANOTHER pound, bringing my total weight to 182.6 lbs. of pure woman. My goal was to get down to 180, but I think 1 pound is still celebration worthy.

The bad news?
Well, there really isn't any...for now.

The Measurements?
Arms: 12"
Legs: 22.5"
Hips: 40"
Waist: 35" (I went back up an inch, but there's a good reason)

In a few short days (ok, like Friday!!), I will be on an airplane to see my love, 1 year older (+), 6 pounds lighter (-) and several inches smaller (-).

Thursday, February 22, 2007

the dilemma

Today I came home and felt...really depressed. I had some stuff going on with one of my kids and the whole thing left me drained.

Needless to say, I did not feel like doing my Pilates tape. I did feel like ordering a tub of fried up chicken wings smothered in hot sauce.

Shortly thereafter, I had a serious craving for some sushi. From Ichiban. If you know me, then you know....

So...which way did I go?

Although I have 35 extra WW points for the week and have been sticking to my diet very, very strictly, I could have ordered the wings. And eaten all of them. And laughed like a maniac. HOWEVER I have less than 7 days until I turn 23, and I am trying to lose 2-3 more pounds by then, I decided to get motivated.

Not only did I FINISH my whole stupid Pilates tape with Ellen (who I yell at as I "tone" my "core" ) but I also ordered a whole lot of yummy sushi. Which I plan to eat, as I research and type a paper due next week.
Wednesday, then Friday better hurry up!

Monday, February 19, 2007

it's funny b/c it's true

Did you know Mardi Gras translates to "Fat Tuesday"? I learned that today. And I can tell you something, this Tuesday isn't going to be fat for me. No, siree. (Deep in thought face----->)
(wow, my hair was really long back in the day)

I have special green weigh-in pants. I plan on wearing them every g-damn time I get on the scale, because when I didn't wear them last week I gained a pound. I don't care if I look like a lime. I'm going to be a skinny lime someday.

Considering this weekend should have had a lot of obstacles including but not limited to: work party on Friday, dinner at Mangia on Saturday, out drinking on Saturday night and Bomber's on Sunday afternoon. All of this SHOULD have technically sabotaged my hard work.

The office party was rough. They had all kinds of New Orleans cuisine, tons of rice and bread. Two of my favorite foods. I made myself a plate, where I put a scoop of each dish and when I filled up my plate again, it was with vegetables. I even indulged in a brownie and a cookie. Dinner at Mangia went well. We told the waiter NOT to bring a bread basket out. We shared an appetizer, our meals and then split a chocolate lava cake. The drinking went well. Because I haven't been out in so damn long, in addition to losing weight, it took a lot less to get me buzzed. I stayed away from beer for the most part. Yesterday I worked out before I went to Bombers. I ate my food and then didn't eat for the rest of the day, as I'm not sure how many points everything was.

I'm nervous about going to New Orleans and eating all of that deliciously fried food. I'm planning on packing some snacks so I don't over eat while I'm there.

Umm, so now that I've described how anal I've become about eating in public, let's get down to business, shall we???

Arms: 12"

Legs: 23" (lost that .5 again!)

Hips: 40" (and fabulous)

Waist: 34" (yes. ANOTHER inch off...bringing the total to 4" I believe)

and the scale said: 183.6 meaning that I lost 1.8 poundages!

I am very proud of my hard work over these last few months. I've lost 4.6 pounds on WW, 10 officially since I've started and 7 inches all over my b o d y.

I've been going to the gym at least twice a week and on Thursday's I do my Pilates tape on the floor of my bedroom. My calendar is getting covered in little star stickers (big ones when I have to force myself to brave the cold and work-out) I don't mean to brag (aww fuck yeah I do) but I've started to feel my hip bones sticking out a little more. Good for me :)

Next week is my birthday, and I'd definetly be happy if I lost another 2 pounds for my Monday 2/26 weigh in. Perhaps another inch or two wouldn't hurt either. Really, it would be fantastic if I woke up on my birthday 13.6 pounds lighter...but really, who are we kidding? I am hoping to reach that goal by late March, early April, so that when the weather gets warm, I'm looking hot! (LAME-O)

Monday, February 12, 2007

strange things are a'happenin...

This morning, I wake up in a positive mood.

I measure myself and I see that I've lost another inch on the hips. Sweet!

I figure that when I drive to Dunkin' Donuts for my coffee, that I will get myself a nice chocolate glazed donut. The chocolate will be my week's treat, since V-day is around the corner and Felipe is in Louisiana still (and also knows better than to buy me chocolate).

I drive to my meeting, munching on a nice fattening donut, wondering how much weight I've lost this week. My clothes are fitting much nicer, and there are several pairs of pants I can now wear that I wasn't able to just a few weeks ago.

I get on the scale there, and the lady behind the counter looks at me and says "Oops, you went up a pound. Have you been tracking your points? Have you started a new exercise routine?"

I stand there, stomp my foot for a second and moan out loud. Then I regain my composure. I realize that I have started working out more hardcore than I was. My knee is feeling better and this week I lifted weights for the first time in awhile. I explain that yes, I've started a new work out plan, that I've upped the intensity. "Don't worry," says the lady. "Keep to your plan, and don't stop exercising. It will come off."

Although my body IS feeling firmer, I did eat badly this weekend. I went out to dinner with Kristen on Friday and I over indulged a little, and I also did a 2-for-1 Coors Light draft thingie. Saturday I ate Chinese for dinner (chicken something or other, an egg roll AND fried rice). Two bad dinners = 1 pound gained back without even realizing it.

This week, I resolve to eat healthier EVERY day. I will also drink more water. For serious. I need to up my fluids hardcore. And I'm going BACK to the gym once I finish reading one of my chapters for class.

and before I forget....

Arms- 12 (no change)
Legs- 23.5 (up .5 an inch, probably because I've been doing the bike)
Hips- 40 (LOST AN INCH!!!!!)
Waist- 35 (thank g-d, no change)
Weight- 185.4 (gained exactly a pound)

I'd LIKE to be 5 pounds lighter by my 23rd birthday, however I will settle for 2-3 lbs. gone. Hahahahah get it? 2 or 3! 23.

Oh forget it.

Monday, February 5, 2007

aww sookie sookie

This morning I woke up and was seriously craving a cigarette. Since I haven't had one since December 29th 2006, I found this to be odd. I'm assuming it was because I've been feeling a little out of sorts lately, and I USED to depend on a hot fix of nicotine to ease my nerves.

Instead acting on the impulse, which would involve me driving down the street to a gas station and paying $5+ for a pack when I only wanted one, I put a Kashi bar in my mouth and drove to my Weight Watchers meeting.

I lost ANOTHER pound, putting me down to 184.4 lbs. If I factor in that my gym's scale told me I started at 191, but really must have been 193, then that means that I'm almost 10 pounds down from when I started! And that my friends, is good news to me.

Here are my measurements, for your viewing pleasure: (I really need to make this a uniform format, I'm always mixing up what I measure first!)

Waist: 35" (-3 since the beginning)
Hips: 41" (-1)
Thigh (left): 23" (-1)
Arms: 12" (0)
And once again, WW scale says 184.4 pounds of pure Jillian.

Since my first entry on 11/26/06 I'm down 5 inches all over my body. And 9 pounds. I have about 14 more to go until I hit that goal of 170.

I spent another $100 on food this week. Lots of veggies and lean meats. It %^*!^(@# sucks to spend that much money on food for myself. "Good food isn't cheap; And cheap food isn't good." VERY, VERY, VERY TRUE.

I'm off to clean my apartment now, and eat some cheese quesadilla with fancy 2% mexican cheese and 1 point wraps w/ salsa. Ole!