Sunday, October 17, 2010

there is a crack in everything

I'm jiggly.

I stood naked in front of the mirror and I even feel the jiggles all over my body when I walk. In clothes, I look fine. In the nude, not so much. Something beautiful in being vulnerable. If I were a porn star or a bikini model this would be an issue. Lucky for me, I'm a counselor.

Last week I lost 1.6 more pounds bringing me to a loss of 5 in the last two weeks. This week, I was busy busy busy socializing. No time for exercise, even with the best of intentions waking up at 6 AM to try to get an exercise video in...I still decided to roll over and get more sleep. The scale this morning said I was back up a pound or two but I figure if I eat a lot of lettuce and drink a lot of water I will pee this out and be OK for weigh in tomorrow.

HOWEVER, add my mother to the mix. She was up two weeks ago and wanted to go out to eat very badly. She will be up in a little while again to help me pack and I know she will want to go to a restaurant. Last time I had to put my foot down hard, because I kind of wanted to go out too. She started to moan about how hungry she was so I pulled out the Fiber 1 bar I keep in my purse to shut her up. It worked. Today I will coax her to let me cook again for her. I hope she buys it. My waistline is depending on this. Good thing I went to the gym already....

Also to be noted: next weekend I move in with my fiancee. He's already grouching about the fact that I don't cook fattening enough for him and he said "You know there's going to be a lot more junk food in our apartment." I responded "You know there's going to be a lot more vegetables too." But folks, I'm really worried. I won't have a gym membership and possibly no more Exercise-On-Demand digital cable. He said he'll do P90X with me, but he has the follow through of a two year old sometimes...

Who unintentionally sabotages you in your weightloss/healthy habits? And how do you handle it?

Sunday, October 10, 2010


I have been gone for too long, longer than expected or needed.

Things are going well. I made an excel chart of the last 30+ weeks and it turns out my average weight is roughly 175 lbs, which is what I've been weighing in/near now for over a year. I'm not thrilled with this number, however, I have been maintaining this number for a long time and it is a positive that I haven't shot ALLTHEWAYBACKUP to "too close to two hundred."

I don't know how much I currently owe my fiancee. I'm not caring about it today.

Also- my gym membership is finito on 10/31/10 which means I'm going to need to find another gym and/or try something new. I'm thinking about that P90X/Beachbody Fitness program that my friend from highschool has had much success with. We shall see.

In the meantime, I'm far too busy laying on the couch and pretending to pack up my apartment for a move.

I *promise* I will be on more, if anyone still reads this...