Sunday, October 10, 2010


I have been gone for too long, longer than expected or needed.

Things are going well. I made an excel chart of the last 30+ weeks and it turns out my average weight is roughly 175 lbs, which is what I've been weighing in/near now for over a year. I'm not thrilled with this number, however, I have been maintaining this number for a long time and it is a positive that I haven't shot ALLTHEWAYBACKUP to "too close to two hundred."

I don't know how much I currently owe my fiancee. I'm not caring about it today.

Also- my gym membership is finito on 10/31/10 which means I'm going to need to find another gym and/or try something new. I'm thinking about that P90X/Beachbody Fitness program that my friend from highschool has had much success with. We shall see.

In the meantime, I'm far too busy laying on the couch and pretending to pack up my apartment for a move.

I *promise* I will be on more, if anyone still reads this...


Don't ask, don't tell. said...

I still read you! Post post post post post. I was on Marathon Shorts and like 12 other blogs I started then stopped, if you remember me. <3 I'm so excited for you, by the way! YAY! (engagement, maintenance, you look happy, etc.)

fattygetsfit said...

i remember you!!!!

PS thanks

kjcalegan said...

I'm thinking about doing P90X...again. I know it works b/c for the first week it feels like you got hit by a bus (in a good way lol), but then you start to just feel stronger (until you get further along and it changes...where it kicks your butt again).

Rockin Austin said...

Yay!! You posted! I always check. :) Still here.

Rockin Austin said...
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Me said...

Heeeey! Good to you see you on here again!
I just started going to the gym last month. With the fiancee. To be honest, I want to go twice a week, but I that lasted for four weeks and then things/appointments/tiredness/laziness got in the way. Will go tomorrow morning.
Started the P90X yet?