Friday, September 28, 2007

run on sentencing

Even with exercising (1/2 hr or more!) or at least moving a lot everyday of this *entire* week, I still managed to gain .4 pound, which isn't even all that much but I'm still super frustrated and I wish I could just lose this weight and hit my goal so I can go to Weight Watchers for free but I totally blame myself for hitting this upward streak because I've been eating really crappy on the weekends with my boyfriend and then trying to make up for it during the week and slipping up on extra food each night when I've already eaten my extra points up.

I am determined to lose 5 pounds by 10/17/07. I am determined to lose the rest of this friggin weight ASAP. I am just so frustrated that I will have to do WW forever to maintain. I am angry that I have a constant battle with the scale. I don't want to be unhealthy, but I wish I could eat french fries and not worry about how many points they are.

This week I resolve to stay 100% on track and not over eat...

...Except for tonight, because I'm going out drinking with my friends.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

DVD Reviews & weekend re-cap

Saturday, I went to Wal-Mart with Adam and I picked up a few new exercise DVDs as I've been doing the same 2 since last November and last March, respectively.

I purchased CRUNCH Cardio Go-Go Dancing and 10 MINUTE SOLUTION: Slim & Sculpt Pilates with Pilates Band and although BOTH of them have kicked my ass, I'd recommend both of them to anyone looking for a....serious challenge.

Yesterday, I did the Go-Go dancing before work. At first I thought it would be a good idea, to you know, pick up some extra dance moves, just in case. I looked like a retard having seizures as I shimmied and shook to this work-out. It's a good thing no one was here to see it. I still had a lot of fun and definitely got my heart pumping. I suggest doing this in the privacy of your own home or...getting drunk and having a dance party with your friends.

I just got finished with the new Pilates one. Now, I've been doing Pilates for almost a year and I don't think anything could have prepared me for this one. The DVD comes with this neat purple band that adds resistance. Although I was able to do each exercise, I struggled...a lot. And I grunted, like a middle aged man dropping a deuce in the toilet. I only had time to do three of them. I might do the other two when I get home from life tonight. We'll see. I might be in too much goshdang pain.

In other news, Amy and I have set a goal to be 5 pounds lighter by October, 17 2007 (this is before I head down to NC for Tito's wedddddding!) So if all goes as planned, I will be 160 lbs by then.

Here are a few photo's from the balloon festival Adam took me to on Sunday morning. It was incredible, really. He has some pics on his camera, so I'll add those when I get them.

Oh...and I ate bad food this weekend, but spaced out over loooong periods of time. For example, Saturday we had a Dunkin Donuts coffee roll for breakfast and then I had a cheeseburger & fries from Friendly's for lunch. We did a lot of walking and shopping and I didn't eat anything for the rest of the day/night. Sunday, I had Denny's Super Omlette (made with egg beaters!) around 8 am and ate a cider donut at a craft fair he took me too, like 4ish. I didn't eat again until 8 pm, dining on Kung Pow Shrimp Lo Mein from Ichiban.

I'm hoping the activity increase (we were busy ALL weekend doing things) and bad food cancels itself out and that I loose weight this week.

Friday, September 21, 2007

accentuate the +'s

I gained .4 of a pound back this week.
I also managed to shave off an inch or two from my body.
I'm not really upset. I know that I will just try again this week. I am very motivated to succeed and hope to lose these last 16 pounds by the new year. Actually, that's my new goal.

GOAL: I want to be 148 lbs. by January 2008

I will now give you my 10 month update:

November 2006
Arms- 12"
Hips- 42"
Legs- 24"
Waist- 38"
Weight: 193 pounds

September 21, 2007
Arms- 11" (-1 inch)
Hips- 38" (-4 inches)
Legs- 21" (-3 inches) *14 inches TOTAL!
Waist- 32" (-6 inches)
Weight: 165.2 pounds (-28 pounds)

See why I shouldn't be discouraged by a slight gain????? I've come SO far and done so well that even if I stopped trying now, I'd still be better off than I was last year.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

what the?

Just finished 20 minutes of my Pilates DVD, and before that, I organized and threw out some garbage in my room. I can't find my "Waiting" movie. I am angry.

Instead of sleeping in the past two days, I've woken up an hour early in an attempt to get some exercise into my crazy schedule. Although I could totally use the sleep, I feel like I'm doing something better for myself. Now that I have a Monday-Friday week, I can just sleep in on Saturday after an exhausting week.

This weekend was productive for life, but not productive for school. Friday night, Adam came to Bomber's to meet up with my friends. I ate jerk pork tacos and drank lots of Strong Bow. I felt swollen and unhappy but it was totally worth it. Saturday, I spent the day reading text books and doing some homework. Then I headed up to Adam's house for a party he threw. I, wings, and someone had shrimp cocktail that I vaguely remember chowing down on. HOWEVER... I was drinking Blueberry Stoli and CRYSTAL LIGHT drink packets, so I was saving myself lots and lots and lots of calories and I think it was OK that I ate a lot. Sunday, I went home for my best friend's older sisters bridal shower. It was a lot of fun seeing people and eating really delicious food. Including....bread, chicken and amazing cake with custardy goodness.

Here is a 4 picture weekend re-cap:


Me & my mama @ Adrienne's Bridal Shower

Megan (maid of honor!) & I


my signature look while my boyfriend was play fighting his buddy

we are adorable, yes?

Not to be vain, but I've been receiving a lot of compliments lately on how I look. People I haven't seen in awhile tell me how good I'm looking. It also appears that my co-workers can tell when I've lost more weight, b/c I say "no, i think i haven't" and then the next time I get on that scale...poof!

Not to be stupid, but I don't think I look any better than I have. On most days I still feel like a chubber, even 28 (29 really, if we're getting technical) pounds later. I know I see myself every day, and I know that my face has thinned out A LOT. But I still think, well, I still think I'm having some body image issues. Which is normal and OK. I'm losing in a healthy, SLOW, but healthy way. At 193 I just wanted to be's funny how that stuff works!

I only have 16 more pounds to lose.
Can you believe it??!??!?!

Friday, September 14, 2007

28 pounds!!!!!

To start, I am totally teary-eyed (tears of joy!) as I write this.

This morning @ 7:00 am I put on my lucky lime green pants, went to my new WW meeting place (closer to home) and got on the scale. The receptionist told me I was down 1.4 pounds and when I checked my little booklet, I saw that I now weigh:

164.8 pounds

To add to my joy of being under 165 pounds and the lowest I've weighed since the last time I lost weight, and before that, senior year of high school...I've officially lost EVERYTHING I gained back. Roughly, that would be about 28 pounds.

In addition to this huge milestone? I found my old Weight Watcher leader from when Amy and I lost our weight in college. After the meeting, we totally hugged and I got teary eyed as I talked about what I've done since the last meeting I went to with her. She shared how much she had missed us and how she thought about us often. I could really go on and on about how inspirational this woman is to me, but I won't bore you.

Call it fate, call it luck, call it whatever the heck you want to but I'm ridiculously happy right now and I think this is just what I needed.

Friday, September 7, 2007

ding ding diiing

new hair cut, new attitude??

To whom it may concern:

In the upcoming weeks, I will be working a nice and normal Monday through Friday. Due to this, weigh-in days will either be Thursday or Friday after work (I'm still deciding) and no longer Mondays.

I'm hoping the new meeting place & time will shake things up a bit from the monotony. Also-- I hope that weighing in at the end of the week will let me have a little more fun on the weekends and be more incentive to behave all week. This might be just what I need to re-vamp things and help me keep going down, down, down.

To my surprise, I lost a pound since last weigh-in, which means I'm
166.2 lbs.

To celebrate, I've already managed to consume 22 points worth of food for the day (I only have 23 per day) and I'm going out to dinner with Adam for Indian food in a few minutes. BUT...I will be behaving all week. I wrote this out so that I could remind myself ALL WEEK that I must keep on track so I can get down to 165 as soon as humanly possible.

My measurements haven't really changed, so until they do, I'm not bothering to update that section. Just be happy I lost weight. Less of me next week!

Sincerely yours,