Friday, September 21, 2007

accentuate the +'s

I gained .4 of a pound back this week.
I also managed to shave off an inch or two from my body.
I'm not really upset. I know that I will just try again this week. I am very motivated to succeed and hope to lose these last 16 pounds by the new year. Actually, that's my new goal.

GOAL: I want to be 148 lbs. by January 2008

I will now give you my 10 month update:

November 2006
Arms- 12"
Hips- 42"
Legs- 24"
Waist- 38"
Weight: 193 pounds

September 21, 2007
Arms- 11" (-1 inch)
Hips- 38" (-4 inches)
Legs- 21" (-3 inches) *14 inches TOTAL!
Waist- 32" (-6 inches)
Weight: 165.2 pounds (-28 pounds)

See why I shouldn't be discouraged by a slight gain????? I've come SO far and done so well that even if I stopped trying now, I'd still be better off than I was last year.

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