Friday, September 28, 2007

run on sentencing

Even with exercising (1/2 hr or more!) or at least moving a lot everyday of this *entire* week, I still managed to gain .4 pound, which isn't even all that much but I'm still super frustrated and I wish I could just lose this weight and hit my goal so I can go to Weight Watchers for free but I totally blame myself for hitting this upward streak because I've been eating really crappy on the weekends with my boyfriend and then trying to make up for it during the week and slipping up on extra food each night when I've already eaten my extra points up.

I am determined to lose 5 pounds by 10/17/07. I am determined to lose the rest of this friggin weight ASAP. I am just so frustrated that I will have to do WW forever to maintain. I am angry that I have a constant battle with the scale. I don't want to be unhealthy, but I wish I could eat french fries and not worry about how many points they are.

This week I resolve to stay 100% on track and not over eat...

...Except for tonight, because I'm going out drinking with my friends.

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