Friday, September 14, 2007

28 pounds!!!!!

To start, I am totally teary-eyed (tears of joy!) as I write this.

This morning @ 7:00 am I put on my lucky lime green pants, went to my new WW meeting place (closer to home) and got on the scale. The receptionist told me I was down 1.4 pounds and when I checked my little booklet, I saw that I now weigh:

164.8 pounds

To add to my joy of being under 165 pounds and the lowest I've weighed since the last time I lost weight, and before that, senior year of high school...I've officially lost EVERYTHING I gained back. Roughly, that would be about 28 pounds.

In addition to this huge milestone? I found my old Weight Watcher leader from when Amy and I lost our weight in college. After the meeting, we totally hugged and I got teary eyed as I talked about what I've done since the last meeting I went to with her. She shared how much she had missed us and how she thought about us often. I could really go on and on about how inspirational this woman is to me, but I won't bore you.

Call it fate, call it luck, call it whatever the heck you want to but I'm ridiculously happy right now and I think this is just what I needed.

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