Thursday, May 29, 2008

oopsey doopsey

I will start this entry by sharing that "Balls of Fury" is by far the worst movie I have ever seen. Adam and I watched it last night and thank g-d I didn't buy it myself. We had Mr. Subb for dinner; me a turkey/swiss mini sub loaded with veggies and a baggie of baked lays....Adam an italian mix foot long with potato nugget things. I hate that jerk sometimes.

So last week, I went to the weigh in and I clocked in at 160.4 and was up 2 lbs. I ate a giant newborn sized black & white cookie last Thursday during the daytime and regretted it sorely once I stepped on the scale.

This week I am happy to report that I am down 1 lb. and weigh 159.5 and survived Memorial Day. Hopefully I will be down 11 lbs. by July 4th, which is my new goal deadline, and doing goal deadlines never works for me so we'll all pray for the best.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Y is for YOGA

Just had my ass kicked in my new yoga class that I'm taking with my former intern/friend Kitchen. There are some old ladies in there that can bend better than me. I am using them as inspiration to keep at it.

In other news, I am looking at new pictures of myself and am starting to see how much better I look. Amen. I can finally see it. I think?

Saturday, May 17, 2008


i officially weigh less than Cosmo's "Hot Guy Without a Shirt"

you know that part of the magazine? In every issue, there's the photo where a 6'2 170 man with no shirt poses for us. I'm glad I can finally say I weigh less than he does.


Thursday, May 15, 2008


Saturday, I did half hour of Pilates. Sunday, I ran/walked with weights on my wrists. Monday, I did some ab stuff and 10 mins of Pilates. Tuesday, I did a yoga class for an hour in Albany. Thursday, I went to Weight Watchers and lost 1 pound since last weigh in.

Total poundage: 157.8 lbs
9 more to go and I'm at GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLL!

This week I ate. I drank. And I lost. I made it a point to get exercise in (I'm not in classes anymore till August AND I got a 4.0 for the semester!) 4 x's this week. And just now, I treated myself to a DD chocolate glaze donut with some peanut butter frosting. Maybe I'll have 1 more for good measure. And not eat for the rest of the day ;-) I actually have a Community Action Day luncheon to go to today and I'm hoping I dont like any of what they're serving.

Also- thank you to my old friend Kerrissa for giving me leads on two new workouts. I am planning to investigate these further and see how they work for me :-)

Also, also- my current BMI is 26 which means:

When I started, my BMI was 32 which means:
You are above the BMI range of 20-25 considered to be healthy for your height and weight. Losing weight may reduce your risk of health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. It may also help your overall health, well-being, and improve your energy level.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

two for the price of one!

EVERYONE who eats microwavable meals should at least glance at this article entitled "WHAT'S IN FROZEN DINNERS?" courtesy of Women's Health Magazine's May 2008 issue. I am subscribing to this magazine ASAP!

Some of the chemicals used to prepare our delicious Weight Watchers Smart Ones or Lean Cuisine Paninis have the same chemicals found in condom lube, explosives and antifreeze! Yuck. Yuck. Double yuck.

It makes me re-think quickie meals of microwaved food. I know that eating things you can't pronounce is bad for you. But I'm going to just make myself a peanut butter sandwich when I'm crunched for time...AFTER I finish the Lean Cuisine Panini's I bought from BJ's this morning.

Also, I would like to declare my undying love for Smucker's Creamy All-Natural Peanut Butter. NOTHING compares to it. I tried Skippy's version of natural and it was gross. I got two giant containers of Smucker's today at BJ's as well.


what the....?!?!

Just got back from a walk-run-walk-run-walk-run etc... first time in a looong time I went running. I walked, then ran and mixed up the routine for about 40 minutes or so. I NEED NEED NEED to tone up this flab on my arms, belly and inner thighs. I am trying to figure out how to achieve this. I am also debating on joining a gym (as I moved out of my old place and need one now) or just trying to run and do my DVDs.

I bought some new exercise clothes at Marshall's (surprise!) including a new bra tank top and some colorful lightweight and awesome shorts. IN A SIZE MEDIUM! I've never worn real running shorts (the kind with undies and lining in them) and I must say it was a great experience for me. They kept my thighs from rubbing together and they felt nice.

I also purchased a pair of 1 lb wrist weights that I used on my arms. That was nice. I am officially recommitted to exercise effective...yesterday. I did my old Pilates DVD and today I ran.

Friday, I went out drinking in Saratoga with my friends Holly & Devan. I had 1 beer and then a slice of pizza and a twice baked potato. I figured since I didn't feel like boozing hardcore, that I would eat my calories instead of sip them through a straw. Probably could have done without all of it, but least I look nice in purple?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

nar nar nar

Didn't weigh in this week.

Instead, I ate all week and took a..."semi-break" of sorts from Weight Watchers. Last night, I took my friend Sally and her daughter to Stewart's and had peanut-butter pandemonium ice cream. It was amazing.

My body is starting to sag from not exercising. Never fear. Tonight after seeing "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" which was HILARIOUS (full frontal male nudity included) Adam and I went to Best Buy and he bought me an IPod Shuffle. Now I have NO excuse not to go running or exercise. I also need to go to a gym soon and tighten up. I ordered a two piece from Victoria's Secret and the bottoms are too tight (they cut into my blubber hardcore)

Here's to a week of recommitting myself to healthy livin'

Friday, May 2, 2008

beeg peempen

Down .4 again to a whopping 158.8 lbs.

Glad I can maintain under 160 for 3 weeks running. Now I will resume an exercise regimen and take a little better care of myself, as school is over on Monday.

Stuck in Albany this weekend, since I have one last term paper to write and I can't be home with my home friends. Celebrating Alumni weekend for rugby in a half-assed manner as the alternative because 1) I'm kind of broke and 2) I still have lots of other things to get done for myself.

Next week I will measure myself to see how I'm doing in the shrinkage department.