Thursday, May 8, 2008

nar nar nar

Didn't weigh in this week.

Instead, I ate all week and took a..."semi-break" of sorts from Weight Watchers. Last night, I took my friend Sally and her daughter to Stewart's and had peanut-butter pandemonium ice cream. It was amazing.

My body is starting to sag from not exercising. Never fear. Tonight after seeing "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" which was HILARIOUS (full frontal male nudity included) Adam and I went to Best Buy and he bought me an IPod Shuffle. Now I have NO excuse not to go running or exercise. I also need to go to a gym soon and tighten up. I ordered a two piece from Victoria's Secret and the bottoms are too tight (they cut into my blubber hardcore)

Here's to a week of recommitting myself to healthy livin'

1 comment:

MizFit said...

LOVED the movie F.S.M

although does it mean Im OLD that I was kinda shocked at the full frontal?

didnt know that was coming :)