Monday, February 12, 2007

strange things are a'happenin...

This morning, I wake up in a positive mood.

I measure myself and I see that I've lost another inch on the hips. Sweet!

I figure that when I drive to Dunkin' Donuts for my coffee, that I will get myself a nice chocolate glazed donut. The chocolate will be my week's treat, since V-day is around the corner and Felipe is in Louisiana still (and also knows better than to buy me chocolate).

I drive to my meeting, munching on a nice fattening donut, wondering how much weight I've lost this week. My clothes are fitting much nicer, and there are several pairs of pants I can now wear that I wasn't able to just a few weeks ago.

I get on the scale there, and the lady behind the counter looks at me and says "Oops, you went up a pound. Have you been tracking your points? Have you started a new exercise routine?"

I stand there, stomp my foot for a second and moan out loud. Then I regain my composure. I realize that I have started working out more hardcore than I was. My knee is feeling better and this week I lifted weights for the first time in awhile. I explain that yes, I've started a new work out plan, that I've upped the intensity. "Don't worry," says the lady. "Keep to your plan, and don't stop exercising. It will come off."

Although my body IS feeling firmer, I did eat badly this weekend. I went out to dinner with Kristen on Friday and I over indulged a little, and I also did a 2-for-1 Coors Light draft thingie. Saturday I ate Chinese for dinner (chicken something or other, an egg roll AND fried rice). Two bad dinners = 1 pound gained back without even realizing it.

This week, I resolve to eat healthier EVERY day. I will also drink more water. For serious. I need to up my fluids hardcore. And I'm going BACK to the gym once I finish reading one of my chapters for class.

and before I forget....

Arms- 12 (no change)
Legs- 23.5 (up .5 an inch, probably because I've been doing the bike)
Hips- 40 (LOST AN INCH!!!!!)
Waist- 35 (thank g-d, no change)
Weight- 185.4 (gained exactly a pound)

I'd LIKE to be 5 pounds lighter by my 23rd birthday, however I will settle for 2-3 lbs. gone. Hahahahah get it? 2 or 3! 23.

Oh forget it.

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