Monday, April 9, 2007

"Sometimes your best is good enough."

This past week has been rough to say the least. Facing some personal issues in my life has had my appetite fluctuating like (enter analogy where a person is up and down all of the time and has no real control) ooh wait I got it. My appetite has gone back and forth like the "Who's the REAL daddy of Anna Nicole's baby debate. Yeah.

Tito read a study that showed women tend to eat when they're depressed and men tend to eat when they're happy. Well then, I suppose I'm a man. When things are good, I have a healthy appetite (gaining BACK 28 pounds!) and when I'm looking up from rock bottom the thought of eating fills me with dread. Just call me Julio?

Regardless, I survived Easter and all of it's ham and candy. I went home this weekend to help my mom out with her surgery, see my friends and lease a new car! Managed to lose ANOTHER 1.6 pounds brining the total to 176.0 lbs of Jillian.
THIS is Bayou Betty

The tricky day was Saturday. I ended up eating 3 small and reasonably healthy meals. Breakfast was oatmeal and bacon, lunch was a turkey wrap and dinner was a nice helping of pasta brocoli alfredo and some chicken.

And then... I headed to Fiona's house and consumed: 3(4?) bottles of Coors Light and 1/2 an Ellio's pizza. Afterwards we headed to a bar down the street called Rambling House and I consumed: 1 gin&tonic, 2 (3?) bottles of beer, and a shot of SoCo & lime. As ashamed as I am to admit, after hours (think around 4:30 am) we went to a diner and I ate a cheeseburger (without the top bun) and some french fries (with ketchup, honey mustard and somebody's blue cheese)

AAAAAAAHHH!! Although I ended up having a fabulous time with my friends (pictures to follow once Megan e-mails me them) I was mortified that I had let myself go. Then I remembered that I was happy and I consumed the food/booze because I was feeling good. I got right back on track Sunday, and I just went food shopping today to pick up some fresh meats and veggies. I will not allow myself to feel guilty, I will accept that I was a piggy Saturday and move on with it. Interestingly enough, on weekends that I binge drink I tend to lose weight. (Perhaps why I was so successful @ WW in college?!?!?!?!)


Arms: 11.5"
Legs: 22"
Waist: 33"
Hips: 39"

Current Weight: 176.0 pounds

*New Bonus Feature
Cumulative Stats:
17 lost total/11 inches gone from body
Goals: 3 pounds for 20lbs mark/ 6 pounds for 10% goal
This week I resolve to: Try to eat, even when I don't feel like it. Try to exercise a little more each day to add activity points.

I'm debating right now if I should take a picture of myself in a bathing suit to see the "now" and "later" shots of weight loss. This could either be a fantastic idea or a really bad one. I'll let you know what I decide.

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