Monday, April 2, 2007

to the general, with love

Dear General Tso,
I love you, and your lucious chicken-y goodness. Keep up the fantastic work!


Last night Amy and Kristen came over to my apartment and I ate New Panda General Tso's and it was dee-lightful. Too bad I couldn't finish the whole thing. Right now, I'm continuing the magic as I type. MmMmM. Spicy, sweet and satisfying.
This week, I haven't been eating too much of anything. I'm hoping soon that my appetite will return to me. Not in full force, of course. But I know that not eating slows the metabolism down and then when I eat, my body just stores it and doesn't burn it up. Trying to stay positive!
On a very, very happy note I now have abdominal muscles even when I don't breathe in. I made the woman I work with feel them today. They're oblique muscle and now I'm showing the beginnings of defined abs. I'm noticing over all changes in my body. My thighs are looking a lot leaner and in a few more pounds I will have my collar bones again! I feel good about my body again. I feel a lot more confident in my clothes. It's very exciting to be successful again in the weight loss battle. I can't wait until I hit my 10% goal (7 more pounds for that!)
This week's measurements?
Arms: 11.5"
Legs: 22"
Waist: 33.5 (down ANOTHER 5. inch!)
Hips: 39
And weight?
177.6 (stayed EXACTLY the same, which is totally fine b/c I lost 4 pounds last week)
So yeah. That's me.

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