Thursday, April 5, 2007

Note to self

  • Kerrissa, my old friend from highschool (who reads this and shares her enthusiasm)recommends Turbo-Jam to work out to and describes it as "Tae-Bo on crank." Note to self: I will HAVE to try this out, but not while using "crank". You'd think being a urbanized social worker I'd have more street cred, but I really don't know which drug crank is.
  • My classmates in Group Therapy class all told me how awesome I looked last night. Made me feel a lot better to know that people who are basically strangers and do not owe me anything are proud of my accomplishments. Mind you we're all training to be counselors and we should be nice and honest. But they did not have to go out of their way to compliment me and they all did. They see me come in each week toting my Weight Watchers mug of liquids (32 oz.) and I've talked about being hard core in weight loss success. Note to self: Bake cookies for last day of class and watch them eat all of said cookies, while I remain skinny in the corner.
  • Honestly, I began trying to lose the weight because I didn't want to be the stereo-typical fat girlfriend. I wanted to look/feel/be healthy for myself again too, but my main motivation was to be hot for him. Like when you see the guy in reasonably good shape standing next to a horse woman with a double chin and rolls hanging out of her pants so disgusting they should have butter on them and you wonder if she ate the girl he used to date. I didn't want to be her. I wasn't a heifer by any means but I was on the verge of serious pleasantly plumpness. Here I am 16+ pounds and 10.5 inches gone from me and I'm still going strong. And well, I don't have a boyfriend anymore and so now I'm going to be slim and single. Note to self: I don't really have a note to self for this one, if not to mention the irony behind my motivation?

Anywho, here comes Easter. I stole some chocolate from an Easter basket at work today. OOps. Some poor little one will not have a Twix mini bar. I really hope I don't gain anything this weekend I've been doing soooo well. I'm going to do my pilates tape now, maybe take a bath and relax for the evening. Might get a car this weekend? Plan a trip to NC to see Tito? Possibly a new tattoo? Dye my hair fiery red? (ok, that's a NO) I'm going to let loose and let go. Note to self: Good for me. I deserve it.

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