Monday, May 24, 2010

answered prayers.

Been a busy few weeks.

Last week, I lost 3.2 lbs and did well this week eating but never made it to weigh in today.

Yesterday, the fiance and I hiked in the Adirondacks. I made it 10 miles round trip and managed to handle some rocky terrain. Today, I helped him to unload 2 tons worth of 40 lbs each bags of wood pellets.
I remember asking him to exercise with me a few weeks ago, because I wanted his support and help. Now I'm all kinds of sore from him honoring my request.


Me said...

Haha, me and the fiance hiked as well! Great pictures.
The muscle ache will get less with time and practise. After our first hike this year, I couldn't walk properly for a week! LOL
This weekend's hike gave me minimal discomfort.
I's very nice to have your fiance inon the exercise thing. It motivates and works very well.

Rockin Austin said...

I love it when it's not "intentional" exercise. Well, I guess hiking is, but it's more fun than just running on the treadmill. I think you know what I mean! Yea for the 3.2 pounds that is fabulous. Have you set a date yet or is it too soon? So cute. Love the pics.

fattygetsfit said...

no date just yet.
we are enjoying liking each other for now ;-)

we are planning on hiking again, soon, with his friend. im scared that his friend will think i'm fat/out of shape but we'll see.

Meg said...

OH man I love hiking in the Adirondacks! I haven't been hiking there in a long time though. I hope you had a great time, it really is a workout.

Don't worry about his friend, even if they somehow decide you're out of shape, they'll change their mind when you're still going and they're huffing and puffing ^_^