Saturday, August 13, 2011

the fight

20 lbs down. Things are slow but well. Still feeling focused and I've been working out quite consistently. 30 minutes of cardio or weights or both. Sometimes a 3.5 mile walk or a bike ride where I live on sunny days. Not necessarily challenging myself, but at least I'm trying?

And it's so darn hard to cut out carbs completely. And summer time is always the hardest time for me. The heat. The lack of motivation to cook. The Alcohol. But 20 lbs in four months is pretty decent, even though if I followed it strictly, I'd probably weigh A LOT less by now.

Lately I've been feeling the sense of loss, like that feeling in the pit of my stomach when I don't get to eat something I want. Like the other day I passed up a buffalo chicken quesadilla, all hot and cheesy. I had a buffalo chicken salad instead and it was good but still.... That longing for "normal" eating, like how everyone else gets to.

I suppose this is how it will go. Forever. All over again. Healthy in, healthy out.


Me said...

Nice! 20 lbs is gooood!
The summer is better than winter for me. Since during the winter you have all these holidays that 'require' you to eat too much of the bad stuff.
During the summer, expecially when it's really hot, I don't feel like eating anyways. But then again; ie-cream......and chilled white wines...BBQ....
Oooh what am I saying? The whole year is a struggle! lol So I feel your loss and your frustration, I guess, at not being 'normal' like everyone else. But are they?
That's what I am thinking/realising now. said...

Congrats on 20lbs girlie, I'm right there with you, I'm not sure if it's b/c we're getting older but this 20 took forever too, lol. I thought of this 'Unfairness' principle I learned from the Beck Diet Solution book, thought it might be helpful for you.

Dieters feel the “unfairness factor” at different times and for different reasons. It may happen when they are having a craving for something that is not on their plan, when they are watching other people eat something they want, or when dieting on that particular day feels especially difficult and onerous. Regardless of why the feeling of unfairness arose, the ways to deal with it are often the same.

First of all, it’s important for dieters to validate their feelings: Yes, dieting is unfair, and it’s not fair that the vast majority of people can’t eat whatever they want whenever they want, and also have the body and health that they want. But unfortunately, that is reality. Dieters need to remind themselves that either way they will feel some unfairness, whether it is because they can’t eat everything they want or because they can’t achieve and maintain the health and weight they really want. And really, which is the bigger unfairness: giving up eating some (not all!) of the foods they want, or never being able reach and maintain a healthy weight, feel good about themselves, be more confident, achieve a sense of pride, etc.

It’s also important for dieters to counter this feeling of unfairness by reminding themselves of just why it’s worth it to them to keep staying on track. This is why we have all of our dieters write out a list of all the advantages of losing weight and read it daily. When dieters have a craving for something and find it very unfair that they can’t give in, it’s so important for them, in that moment, to remember why it’s worth it to NOT give in. When dieters are not thinking about why they want to stand firm and instead are thinking about how unfair dieting is, then it is much, much more likely that they will give in to the craving.

Yes, dieting can be unfair. But the greatest unfairness would be if dieters let this feeling stand in the way of achieving their extremely important goals. There will always be unfairness in life, but dieters don’t have to let overweight be one of them.

fattygetsfit said...

Thanks for the love and good advice ladies!

Rockin Austin said...

I like that comment about the Beck Diet Solution. I get so frustrated not 'getting to have' certain foods. And 20lbs in 4 months is AWESOME! Way to go J!

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