Friday, June 19, 2009

acceptance/ piece of mind

i'm buff (after going to the gym and getting in a decent workout instead of half assing it)
i'm tan (a new vice, which kind of makes me feel good?)
and i'm drinking a glass of well deserved red wine.

Today was the day from hell @ work. Aside from finding out that one patient had talked about threatening to murder me, one of my favorites had to be medically discharged. One patient who has been quite annoying and I had a session where I basically yelled at him and told him to stop making himself the victim and start accepting what he had, for better or worse.


This may or may not have been indirectly inspired by a friend of mine who I had dinner with last night. She made a comment about accepting her body for what it was. Mind you, her body is now creating a new life (which i am in total awe and admiration of) but the way she said it made me stop and think about myself.

I have to be re-invested in myself and in being healthy, not binging or abusing my body and trying to accept what G-d has given me. I'm going to try to take care of myself the best that I can. I am going to re-learn to take things one day and one bite at a time. I am not going to allow myself to be the victim anymore. I am going to take ownership of the bad days and good days and all that jazz.

So what if I weigh the same as my boyfriend?!?


Miz said...

you kn ow what---I agree with that final sentence.
I cant tell if it was mired in sarcasm (and Ive weighed MORE than men Ive dated. didnt adore it but it was what it was) or not but, in the wide scope of life, it really doesnt matter.

Here's to your AH HA moment and here's hoping you are still feeling the same way?

nic said...

Sometimes it's more important to put the emphasis on getting healthier or "more buff (and tan!)" so that the number on the scale part doesn't seem so important.

In the end, fitness will lead us to healthier choices all around, so you're on an awesome track.