Monday, June 15, 2009

kidney ouch!

I had a decent week. Last Monday, I told my WW leader everything and she offered her support. She asked me to write down everything I ate and to try a week without going out for dinner. She would go over my tracker if I wanted to. I did all of it. I only lost .8 but I felt good about getting back on track. Small victory, feeling more in control and better off in the long run.

Friday morning, getting ready for work, I had severe sharp pains in my lower back on the right. After screaming in pain and falling to the floor, I got to my cell phone and called my boyfriend. Adam flew out of his job (45 mins away) and took me to the ER where I was diagnosed with a kidney infection and Adam's dad (a doctor) believed I also had a kidney stone. The pain was excruciating but I was lucky to have my boyfriend there to support me/take care of me that day and overnight.

Kidney infection cramped my style as far as exercise was concerned this weekend but I'm glad I'm alive and OK. I am still a little weak, and I'm hopped up on drugs. I will probably resume gym/light walking on Wednesday and go from there, but really when I stop having pain in my kidney.

Week #2 of being back on track and being able to say no to food and booze is in progress. I am relieved to be re-motivated again :-)


Fitarella said...

hey girlie, how are you feeling? you poor thing! REST REST REST dearest. Huge hugs xoxo

Rockin Austin said...

Oh OUCH sweetie!! Good for you for getting the support that you need. It's hard doing that, of course you know that...since you're usually providing the support. :)

That's what is nice about living in the swimming pools and such.

tokaiangel said...

GET WELL SOON that sounds mighty terrifying! Hope you're okay, demand extra TLC from the lovely boy...

TA x

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