Saturday, February 6, 2010


Relapse with binge eating slash not giving a fuck about what goes into my mouth until AFTERWARD is an interesting process. I feel myself backsliding. I was able to say "I'm in relapse mode" this week when people asked me how my weight loss is going. I am not ashamed, but I am certainly uncomfortable.

I don't know if my body is resisting weight loss, because I'm staying within a range of pounds. I don't know if that's an excuse with mind over matter. I just don't have the answers anymore and I think it's OK. I'm just going to keep trying to do ME, go to the gym and eat as healthy as I can.

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Me said...

Sorry to hear about the relapse.
I think you're down to earth reaction is really good, though.
You probably know as well as I do that frustration and anger are not going to help one bit!
Acceptance and going on with what you are doing are going to help. You'll get back into the 'mood' soon enough.
All the best and good luck!
Don't give up!