Monday, March 15, 2010

just say NO

Yesterday, my time of the month emotions were running high. So I went to the gym and got running. Well, er, biking and EFX-ing. After about an hour of a sweaty and productive workout, I stopped at a local Stewarts (think chain convenience store for those of you who don't know what a Stewart's is) to buy cigarettes and milk. Cigarettes. And milk.

I got the milk, a bottle of diet Pepsi and some gum and walked up to the counter. Before I could ask for the cigarettes, the woman behind the counter started talking to me about $1.99 pint sale of their ice cream. I said no, very politely. I think I even said "No thank you." But the bitch kept talking up the ice cream. "It'll only be on sale till midnight tonight." "We have all of your favorite flavors." "You know with the weather getting warmer, ice cream is so good." As I was paying for my milk, soda and gum I said "No. I actually just came from the gym and it would totally negate what I just did if I got that ice cream. I'm going to drink this diet Pepsi and cry myself to sleep." I spied a pint container of Coconut Brownie Explosion in the freezer underneath me as she was swiping my card. I asked her if the transaction had completed and she said yes. I said: "This is a sign from upstairs that I am not meant to have that ice cream."

I walked out. Got in the car. Breathed a sigh of relief until I realized I never got the cigarettes. Instead of going BACK in there, where the lady was practically feeding me the ice cream from the carton, I did the RIGHT thing. Opened up my soda and drove home. And ate some Girl Scout cookies when I got there.


BEE said...

great post
can totally relate

Me said...

You're good! You're really good!
I think I would have found any old excuse to buy that ice cream! lol
That's my downfall: thinking of lame excuses to do or eat something bad.
You were brilliant!