Friday, April 30, 2010

lazy hazy

Where did my mojo go?

I am so tired all of the time. No energy to do much lately. Last night I spoke with my mom around 7:30 PM and had the following conversation:

Me: Mom, I'm sleepy. Call me at in half hour at like 8 PM and say 'get to the gym fat ass.'
Mom: I will not call you a fat ass.
Me: Please, tell me to wake my fat ass up and get working.
Mom: I will call you at 8 but I will not call you fat.
Me: FINE. I love you. Bye.

So we hang up and I pass out. I wake up on my couch at around 9 PM, face stuck to pillow in a puddle of drool. The weather is getting nice, which is a trigger for me to not want to cook, to want to drink beer and eat fried food.

I am motivated to eat. I am motivated to sleep. NO issues there. I am struggling with motivation to sweat? I've stopped putting pressure on myself to exercise everyday and am working on just working out at least 3x's week. I did make it to the gym today, which is positive. But I ate lunch out and had a mini work party.

I am thinking about enlisting my boyfriend for help, as he is my biggest support and chief enabler.

Ugghhhhh, I want my ENERGY back!!!!

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