Monday, June 28, 2010

put money where your mouth is

today i decided that i needed help.

today i decided that either for every pound i gain or every pound i lose, i will pay my fiancee a dollar (or 20, 40, 60, 80 cents) and when i hit a goal i will buy myself a present.

i'm still debating if i should pay up for losing or gaining.
either way, i hope i win!


Fat Bastard said...

It requires 2000 calories for a woman to maintain 140 pounds and that if she is in a coma.

Don't make weight loss a big deal. Eat 6 times a day and keep your calories at your BMR when you are losing weight and keep your cals at the maintenance level when you are at your ideal body weight.

Fat Bastard said...

BTW, is that photo Ausable Gorge?

fattygetsfit said...

im doing well maintaining, but thinking maybe this IS the weight my body wants to be...also- the pic: it's in the adirondacks in NY...