Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 1

Well, more like, Day 2. I did my first DVD yesterday.
These are my P90X "before" pictures

I am disgusted with myself, but slightly OK. I'm worse off than I thought I was, but at least I look 80% better when I'm fully dressed.
  • I have re-committed myself to my re-commitment to be healthy and look good naked (which I have epically failed as, as pictured above).
  • I am doing P90X and Weight Watchers new POINTS PLUS system, and will be trying to try harder with all of it.
  • I have enlisted my fiancee to help me NOT eat like a slob. But I will die if he ever watches me doing my exercises, because I am uncoordinated and ridiculous looking (plus I talk back to the people on the screen.)
  • I will photo update on 1/1/11, which will be the next day I am obligated to take a photo. Maybe I will have a martini in my hand? Maybe I will have a smile!?
Soooo this is me. 180 lbs of pure woman, rainbows and cookies.

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