Saturday, January 15, 2011


This week, I really reinvested myself into getting it right. I made a list of things I could commit to:
-find a weight watchers meeting
-actually attend that meeting
-buy healthier options
-write down what i am eating, not the POINTS, just the food
-exercise 4 of 7 days

If I completed these goals, I was to reward myself with a manicure/pedicure or a shopping trip.

Progress so far?

1-I found a local meeting and 2-attended it! It appears I've gained 8 pounds since November 30th according to their scale. A huge disappointment to me, but this was also a reality check. Although because I moved, it is a different WW company and I will have to pay $10 more per month and possibly lose online tools. The bright side? My new place of employment offers the program in 12 week clips and they pay half tuition. This pleases me. Starting 2/2/11, I will join through work.
3-I went to the supermarket and bought healthy food, no snacks or junk.
4-I have written down *everything* that I've eaten, which is a habit I tend to ignore or give up. I have been doing well, and, starting on Monday, I will resume tracking points values of food.

5-Last week, I hurt my shoulders doing the p90x (*glad to see I'm not the only one who gained!) and the pain has dramatically increased over the week. I tried exercising but I can't even lift my arms over my head. The pain is overwhelming and it radiates into my hands when I try to even stretch. Frustrated and annoyed. There is a YMCA on the way home from the new job which I am thinking about joining. That way I can attend some classes, swim, do cardio and possibly pepper in some of the p90X workouts I actually like (and not the ones that paralyze me)

Now? I'm sitting at home after trying to get out of the house to reward myself with a pedicure/manicure and a shopping trip but the snow cramped my style.

I'm feeling a little more optimistic thank you to those who dropped by to say HI and share.


Me said...

Go you!
No wonder you feel better! Shame about the snow.

I hope you shoulder will get better soon. Sounds as if there's a nerve caught/squashed somewhere in your shoulder. Have you tried gentle massaging yet? Maybe the nerve will get loose again.

Don't you just love all the courses/advantages you can get through work these days? I pay about third of the usual fee less for my gym through my fiancee's work!!

Have a good week!

nic said...

Way to reach your goals! AWESOME! said...

hey girlie,

so sorry about your shoulder, are you still in pain? Do you know what you did that may have created the situation? :( Glad you're back on track though and finding ways to reach your goal. Good for you you'll be able to save with WW when it comes to your job come February. I know WW is big on 'points', but have you considered also watching your sugar intake? A lot of times we're being mindful of what we're eating and exercising, but if you're eating an excessive amount of sugar (even if its low cal/fat) you can be sabotaging yourself; just a tip! Call me if you ever need anything :)

Rockin Austin said...

You've always had a knack for getting back up and dusting yourself off. That's awesome. I usually have to wallow for a bit. :) Keep at it!