Sunday, October 7, 2007

mind over belly

While I was doing my 4 mile walk today, I almost got ran over by a car. I guess people think it's funny to drive their SUV's close enough to the side of the road to knock over a girl in shiny black spandex pants. Luckily I caught my balance and all that happened was that I got some prickly crap on my arms/legs.

Now instead of writing a paper, I'm really contemplating what I want to be for Halloween. I will NEVER be able to top last year's Flavor Flave costume. Last year's costume was also FABULOUS for hiding weight gain in, I mean, c'mon....baggy silk pajamas? This year presents a *new* challenge. Now that I'm closer to "average" weight, I can probably wear something a little more, risky, and get away with it. But I also don't want to look like a fat girl trying too hard.

These past few weeks, I'm been almost fighting a total lack of motivation. I keep calling it my 11-month-slump and it's like walking up a hill. All I want to do lately is eat whatever I see. But I've also set up a goal of being 160 lbs. by the time my best friend gets married. I always start the week with good intentions and then end up messing it up somehow. But I've also eaten a lot each weekend, and don't have any points left to budget for the week.

On Friday, I felt really uncomfortable because I could tell that I had gained weight back. So I'm actually glad I took the week off. I've only not weighed in 2 or 3 x's for almost a year. That's pretty darn good I'd say.

So... mind over belly. I need to re figure somethings that I'm doing wrong and go back to see what I did right.

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