Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No time for love

Thank you for your input! I have decided to throw myself a "I got my master's by 25 party" in May. I am saving now for it. And saving for body glitter ;-)

In other news, I am exhausted. Sunday I pulled a double at the preggo girl house and have been working and schooling non-stop. I have not and will not have a day off until Thanksgiving. I have also not made it to the gym or got any significant exercise since 11/3/08 (hooray for stickers on calendars!). I am eating as well as I can. I am just. so. tired. Yous will also be glad to know that I put in for an entire week's vacation in December. I have the time and I need it.

I am running on fumes.


MizFit said...

take care of yourself as much as you can AND kudos to the preplan to do so with VACATION TIME.

preference on the bod glitter?

we need to gather you a carePARTYpackage!

tokaiangel said...

I agree with the Miz. Take care of yourself. Keep December VayCay as the shining beacon of hope and delight whenever things threaten to get on top of you. Booking that break wasa GREAT move.

Clever girl.

TA x

auntie said...

Glad you remembered to put body glitter in the budget - too many times we forget about the REALLY important things!!

And I'm totally jealous that you have a whole week off soon. I'm out of vacay time until 2009, but you can bet your sweet bippy that I'm taking time off ASAP in January!!

Mandapants said...

You deserve, like, four years of me-time!

You're a superhero, for sure.

And your new photo? Awesome!