Monday, November 10, 2008

opinion poll

If you were me, would you have a graduation party or a 25th birthday party?

I was thinking about throwing myself a 25th b/c twentyfive is a big year. But I've been thinking some more, and, I was also thinking about how cool it would be to have a party that I graduated with my master's degree.

In other news, I'm running late for work.


Tricia said...

I'd say do whatever you want more.

Or have an "I'm 25 and have a Master's" party.

tokaiangel said...

Both together? Or would they be too far apart to do that?

OR have a party for your birthday and go do something else awesome to celebrate your graduation?

TA x

auntie said...

i'd either have two separate celebrations (because you can never have too many excuses to wear body glitter) OR have one great big humongous celebration for both (i know...i'm really no help at all, am i??).

but my point is that you should definitely recognize both events, because they are both REALLY BIG DEALS.

i'll bring the body glitter :)

Rockin Austin said...

Just a note - I love your "auntie"!! I agree though, both big events in your life and I'm a b-day FREAK.

MizFit said...

I say both as well. and screw anyone who says otherwise :)

carla said...

what did you decide?

I still say two.