Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Here I am, blipping on your radar. blip blip blip

I have not weighed myself in almost a month already. Liberating and scary at the same time. I am returning to WW to face the scale either this weekend or next week. I only started feeling good again yesterday. I got into a car accident last Wednesday (add to my shitty luck!?) and the remainder of the week I felt soooooo depressed and burnt out especially from work. I slept, ate and felt completely unmotivated and unwilling to do anything BUT sleep and eat and cry/complain. I usually complain, but I'm usually complaining because I am so busy. This episode was very different than what I'm used to.

Let's get to the turn around....

I exercised Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I tracked all POINTS since Monday. I feel that some of my depression caused my appetite to go haywire. And my haywire appetite caused some depression.

Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

Either way, I'm emerging from the funk and getting back on my feet.


Tricia said...

I hope everything's okay.

I know for me, the more chocolate I eat, the more my mood will crash later (fortunately this doesn't apply to baked goods.)

So you may have been a bit upset, then ate, then got depressed, then ate, and got more depressed.

kristen said...

Are you okay from the crash? I'm so sorry to hear things are still down in the doldrums.

BUT! You still exercised and counted your points. Like you said, you're emerging from your funk. Tomorrow's a new day. All it takes is a few days to get back on track and start feeling better about yourself.

auntie said...

glad to hear you're ok - been wondering about you! sorry to hear you've been struggling lately...i think there must be something cosmic going on because that seems to be a theme with a lot of people i know these days. someone i know told me that there's some funky astrological thing going on right now - i can't remember what he called it - and although i don't usually put a lot of stock in astrology, i'm thinking there has to be some explanation out there somewhere, and this one is as good as any!

you'll come out of it fact, you're already well on your way. hang in there!!

Every Gym's Nightmare said...

good for you for getting back on track. everyone has those periods- you cant be motivated all the time.

Kelly Turner

carla said...

checking back in on you. are you still on the upswing? clawing your way back on the wagon of life??

Southern Paris said...

I just re-started Weight Watchers myself and it had helped me out a lot. I was never able to get the hang out journaling my calories, but keeping track of my points has forced me to make better choices and it's much easier be accountable!

Rockin Austin said...

I totally agreee with your Auntie, there is something in the air...I've been right there with you. I hope you are okay from the crash. Sorry I've been absent from commenting for so long!

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