Thursday, July 2, 2009

ahhh.... push it!?!?

INSIGHTFUL FACTOID: I don't *push* myself as hard as I could/would/should at the gym.

I mainly do exercise for the movement factor. Bare minimum. I feel better when I move and then get to make stars on my calendar. I exercised with my friend K who used to be a female body builder last week and she basically kicked my ass. Technically I am "smaller" than her but she is in far better shape than I am. K had me running up and down steps, running when I didn't want to and cursing at her. It was the hardest I had worked out in a long time...

Mayhaps my ability to get to the next level of fitness is hindering me from losing the last of this weight???

But I am soooo tired after work that I want to move to say I did it! And I can't wake up in the morning to exercise because I am tired then too.

Which brings me to my next thingie. K worked me out, and although I was slightly embarrassed by my huffing, puffing and passing occasional gas during the run, I was OK. I am terrified to get a personal trainer! I don't want a stranger to see me struggle.


nic said...

I bet you'd be less tired if you exercised more often.

Maybe take some classes? Sometimes I push myself harder when I pretend other people are judging me (even though they're totally not and I am making it up in my head).

Fitness is the key to maintaining. Remember that if you exercise more, you get to eat more - and that's always a plus.

Can't your friend be your personal trainer? Then at least you can swear guiltfree.

kristen said...

I was going to suggest the same as Nic, about joining fitness classes. I find I push myself A LOT harder when I'm in a group setting. When left to my own devices, I'm just not a big self motivator.

I've also found that the harder I push myself, the more of a "high" I feel after the workout because I know I worked out hard.

We really are stronger than we know and give ourselves credit for!

BTW, Salt-n-Peppa's "Push It" is in my head now.

Mandapants said...

Hi, love! Sorry I haven't commented in such a long time (I'm a poo, this I know). I have been reading, though, and I'm always glad to see you happy and kicking ***.

W/regard to the tiredness, I know this sounds lame, but I'm a total wimp and when I started waking up at 5 every day, I realized I couldn't make it in a straight shot until bedtime if I wanted to keep going to the gym (I just can't do it. It's too long of a day). So I take a nap after work. It works wonders. It's usually a couple of hours, but then I can go to the gym in the evening. I'm pretty sure you have things you want to do in the time you could spend napping, but it REALLY helps.


Mandapants said...

One more thing: Nic's right about consistent exercise making for less tired people, but generally you work out consistently, no? I think you're probably just really busy and need to find a time of day for you that works to go to the gym, b/c it's different for everyone. I do an hour of cardio every day and eat right and I'm still exhausted at 5PM. It's just grown up life. Lol.

Monica said...

I soooo love that pic of you eating fries, its soo beautiful!

Anyways, I got a trainer and was cursing after day one. He is AWESOME and he told me some of his clients tell him to eff off and he doesnt care, it just means hes doing his job!

Meg said...

I'm going to go with the consensus and say fitness classes might work. I know that when I went to that kickboxing class with a friend of mine I worked till I felt like I was going to puke. The fact that there were other people around pushed me to keep going long after I normally would have thrown in the towel.

Tricia said...

Try the fitnes class. Personal trainers can be expensive, and some of them are hacks. Make sure to check with other clients before you hand over your money.

Rockin Austin said...

Yeah for pushing yourself! I loved having a personal trainer, if you go that route do some research. I have to be training for something to really push myself, on my own, anyway. You CAN do this!