Sunday, July 12, 2009

anything after BUT....

I meant to stop by sooner. Anything after BUT is usually B.S.

I spent $345 on a letter accepting me for a $200 exam however I am officially accepted to take the NBCC (National Board of Certified Counselors) test once I am ready. Whoooohooo??

I did Wendie Plan-esque type eating this past week. I was starting to feel less bloated and more happy by the weekend. Then we went to a wedding and a reception and a party and I do not feel as light or free. Numbers on a scale are not a measure of who I am. I have to learn to get this thing right. Eating healthy and treating myself well are priority. I am going to go for a quick jog/walk this evening, just to say I did. That will be 4 stars this week, with Wedsm Thurs & Sat being off from exercise days.

On Friday, I approached the happy looking trainer at the gym to see his rates/get a feel for his personality. He is a 52 yr old African American man who smiles while he murderizes his clients, laughs with them and looks like he really enjoys it. I am still weighing my options.

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Meg said...

I'm also considering spending the money to get myself a personal trainer, so if you decide to go for it, I'd love to hear your opinion on it!

Did I read that right, you have to *apply* to take the *test*?!