Sunday, July 5, 2009

whoa whoa whoa

I start by saying how abso-friggin-lutely *THRILLED* I am with all of the great insight you readers gave me from my last post. I respect your opinions and I'm glad I have a sounding board to get feedback. As I type, I am trying to muster up the energy to go outside and enjoy the last of today's sunshine with a brisk run/walk. I am seriously considering a go at a fitness class at my gym. That would mean I'd actually have to go to said gym and look up the schedule. But I digress...

Today I went grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping. Almost as much as shoes shopping. I dabbled in the healthy foods section and I did halfway decent. HOWEVER, I must remind myself of this mantra:


Holy !#$^@# MONEYBALLS! I can't believe how much I spent. I have been buying the same old foods for over two years because they are safe. I know how many WW POINTS! are in them and I know how to cook them and ALL THAT JAAZZ. But it's not working anymore.

I am taking my own G-ddarn advice! Optimal health is NOT just about looking good in a bathing suit. It's about feeling good inside of myself. Blah blah blah. I am seeing how old patterns and being comfortable became a chore, and now I need to stop worrying about how much I weigh and focus on how I feel. I eat the same things over and over again and I don't exercise as hard as I could.

The tools I gained initially during my several stints at weight loss taught me a lot. However, I must continue evolving as a weight losing, healthy beast of a woman and continue challenging myself. At 193 lbs, eating a vegetable and walking around the block helped me shed a few pounds. Now my body is used to being more active and being fed better foods. So I think I have to switch it up and stop just getting by with my health & fitness routine.

please contribute to my ego below, k'thanks.


Tricia said...

Can you look up the gym schedule online? I know that when I go to work out, I tend to forget a lot of other things.

And yeah, healthy food can be pricey. It helps to shop around.

kristen said...

Since I started focusing on my health and not my weight, I've felt somewhat liberated. When I focused on losing weight and reaching a goal number/ideal body type, I saw a finish line to head towards. Once I hit my WW goal weight (which is actually about 8-10 lbs less than what I am now), I was like "okay, now what?" I felt lost and didn't know how to sustain.

Now that I'm dedicated to maintaining a healthy life instead of losing a few pounds, it feels more like a lifestyle. I'm okay with choosing healthier foods because they're good for me and my body needs them, not because I may lose a little weight.

It's definitely a tough thing to accept that simply exercising "here and there" isn't enough anymore. But kicking it up a notch is rewarding. Going to fitness classes or working out with people also keeps you in touch with like-minded people, which makes it easier to stay on track.

As for the increasing grocery bill, that sucks too. BUT! This is the summer, and there are farm markets that usually sell produce at a slightly lower cost than the bigger supermarkets. I hate spending so much money on food, but I try to cut back in other areas...and it is an investment in yourself, you just can't try the food on or accessorize it, haha.

Meg said...

I am so right with you on the expensive healthy foods thing. Not only are healthy foods much more expensive and time consuming to make, they don't seem to carry them in my neighborhood grocery store, resulting in the need to make a long haul trek into the city to Whole Paych-I mean Whole Foods.

Wasn't there supposed to be some government program designed to change this bad foods=cheep and easy thing?

Rockin Austin said...

Yep, healthy foods are way expensive. I found a local store that sells great (and inexpensive) produce and grains in bulk. I agree with Kristen in maintaining a healthy life instead of focusing on losing weight. (Although we both know that I'm still working on that maintaining thing...)

How's the job going?

Anonymous said...

If you have a Trader Joe's near you, try it. Their groceries are a little cheaper than other places, because there are no name brands, just TJ's own label.

Also, Whole Foods isn't that bad if you buy things from their own 365 brand. I find I spend less money in Whole Foods buying their brand than I do in regular grocery stores buying brand name stuff.

I second the farmer's markets. I live off farmers markets over the summer and fall, they are the same price, if not cheaper than grocery store produce and a million times better quality. Plus cooking with the seasons saves you money, produce is always cheaper when it is in season.

You can buy cheap healthy stuff, you just have to work the system and shop around!

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