Monday, December 28, 2009

act your age, not your waist size!

I thought of this one myself on the ride home from the Weight Watchers meeting I almost skipped. I am 25, almost 26 years old. I should have waaaaay more energy than I do. My job is not an excuse to skip the gym!

I did OK this week. Lost .2 pounds and I'm thrilled I lost 2 weeks in a row. On a holiday week. In the cold weather. I'm thinking I'm really internalizing this lifestyle again. I've been "planning" for events or at least trying to acknowledge the obstacles that are coming up by writing them down. I also write in my new journal daily to discuss the feelings and thoughts about what's going on with me.

Christmas Day I was off from work and I ate like a champ. However, I filled up on a big salad and didn't go overboard on dessert. Christmas Eve, my mom came up and wanted me to go out to dinner. I told her to eff off and I made up some porkchops, acorn squash and asparagus which was delish. I didn't want to go out when I had good food at home! The day before Christmas Eve, I went shopping and ended up at going out for a drink or 3 and eating nachos and wings. I fudged up that day but oh well!

How are YOUR holidays going>?


Me said...

The holidays were ok. I didn't really ate perfectly, but so much less than I used to eat att he holidays.
I did go to a restaurant twice last week and I choose the (healthier) fish options on the menu. I love fish, so I don't feel as if I've denied myself anything. Christmas Day didn't give me that option as we ate at my sister's. Boxing Day was somewhat better since we devised our own menu with fish and lean meat.
The desserts, though.....oh my...I just couldn't say no. But they were heavenly! No regreets.
Now that it's over I am slowly getting back into the regime. I'm a bit sick and tired with all the food I have to say! *shocker*
You did well! Good on you for sticking to your guns. That's going to be my New Year's resolution, and I'm practicing a bit already! ;)
All the best for 2010!

fattygetsfit said...

Sounds like you did good too! At least you were conscious of what you needed to get done. Life is uncertain; eat dessert first!

Rockin Austin said...

Nice! I love that you told your mom to eff off, although I'm sure you did it nicer than that. :) I was great on x-mas and on from there. I ate out almost twice a day b/c we had company in town and the day they left I drank myself silly. BUT, x-mas was good. Haha.

ElroyTLanphear said...


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