Sunday, February 6, 2011

Quickie update:

Since Jan 15th I have lost 6.2 pounds. I joined WW at Work, which means my employer pays half of 12 week tuition for the program. It's run by a colleague and it's held every Wednesday morning in the cafeteria, which is waaayy more convenient than shlepping around to find a random meeting around here. Morning is also good because I weigh less in the AM :-)

I have seriously written down everything I've been eating and am starting to feel better about my choices. More fruit! More veggies! More healthy protein! Actually thinking about things BEFORE I put them into my face. Weighing all options. Getting support from my fiancee.

I still have the bursitis in my shoulders, that flares up when it's precipitating or about to...which in upstate NY is every other day at this point. I also was seriously out of breath yesterday walking up a slight hill in the snow.

I have made a commitment to myself. When I hit 10 pounds down, I will spring for the fancy gym membership at the local Y. You may think: why isn't she joining now to lose the weight? I agree with you, reader, but I want to start by getting my body re accustomed to the smaller portions before I start seriously exercising. This way I won't need to over eat or compensate for calories expended. Plus, I want to reward myself for 10 lbs down of eating healthy, proving to myself that I can do this. In my defense, I am going to try to incorporate some at home DVDs and the P90X sessions that I like. TRY.

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