Monday, December 4, 2006


I finally was able to get to my password! I was entering the wrong user name, and my password was all funky, and I am.

Weight: 190
legs: 24"
arms: 12"
waist: 38"
hips: 42"

I lost a whole g-damned pound! I'm actually pretty happy, considering how rough of a week it was. I didn't gain! I didn't stay the same! These two term papers are ruining my life. Good thing I'm done TOMORROW!!!! I can begin exercising a lot again and be able to clean my room and go food shopping. For vegetables.

Obstacles: Wednesday, there was a picnic type thing for work and I tried really hard NOT to eat all the bad stuff. In doing so, I ate 3 plates of salad to fill up on lettuce. Then I ate chocolate cake and meat lasagne. Saturday night I drank some beer, but what got me was finding my way to the food table at my friend Michelle's house. I basically stood there with my two girlfriends (who are both skinny mind you) and I filled up on cocktail weenies, fritos with mustard and chocolate jumble cookies. Not exactly the best idea. I must have looked like a fat freak of nature, just standing there and stuffing my face. Didn't even take my jacket off. wow.

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