Thursday, December 21, 2006


Ever feel unmotivated and then feel guilty about not feeling motivated?

Today, I'm feeling completely unmotivated. And I feel like I should move around or do something because I need to release energy. Should go to the gym, because I want another sticker on my calendar. Not interested since I'm feeling tired from lack of sleep finally catching up to me. Should go to the gym because I'm going to see Felipe in 9 or 16 more days. Not really interested because it's cold outside, and I don't want to walk to the gym room here. Should go to the gym because I'm starting to see result, and why not maintain/work harder and look better. Not so interested, since I'm seeing results already and why do more work than I have to?

To go or not to go? I guess the compromise would be to go, but not work out so hard? Or to just go for a walk outside?

Perhaps do my Pilates tape and watch them do abs, buns and thighs while I eat some pizza?

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