Monday, December 11, 2006 me houdini b/c i'm disappearing

As I begin this entry, I'd like to share something that will warm your heart. I know it made mine a little toasty, and I'm as mean as the grinch.

A friend of mine from college, who I had lost touch with (she got MARRIED and made twin BABIES!) IM'd me yesterday. In a quick update, she then explained that she happened across this blogger and felt inspired to lose weight herself. ME *inspire* someone? It seems surreal to me that people actually read this thing, much less have it inspire them. So thank you, friend who shall remain nameless.

Aside from this, there are still two of my best friends who are constantly supporting me in the battle of the bulge.

But let's get down to biznassssssss

Arms: 12"

Legs: 24"


Hips: 42" still


Current weight: 186 lbs.

Bringing total weight LOST to 5

So..... I lost ANOTHER pound and an inch off the old waist. There weren't really any obstacles for weight loss this week, with the exception of drinking beer on Friday and Saturday nights. Today I got to put a sticker on my calendar, as I went to the gym. I've made a little calendar and on weigh-in days I write down what I weigh (obviously) and I put a heart sticker on the days I go to the gym. This is a real visual aid for me. In fact, the whole sticker thing is how I got potty trained. Everytime I went in the toilet, I put a sticker on the wall. Positive reinforcement? It still works, no matter how old you are.

Good thing I wasted all that money on a bachelor's degree in Psychology.


Arimey said...

Jill -

Congrats girl! Keep up the good work :) I'm totally dieting right now too (South Beach all the way! haha) and it's nice to know that someone else really wants that cookie everytime they see a coworker downing three and still has to walk by an office table full of them!

jillian said...

Thanks!!! Good luck with everything.