Monday, March 19, 2007

im like oozing positivity I gained .4 of a pound.

But I am totally OK with this. See, the slight gain (and really, it's not upsetting) is caused by 3 seperate, but equally important factors:

1. (french fries) (irish people like potatoes, and so does Jillian)

2. (st. patrick's day beer)

3. (P.M.S.)

on a very serious note, I've lost some inch-age on my body, despite my little gain. This makes me very happy.

Arms: 11.5"
Legs: 22" (1 inch DOWN!)
Waist: 34" (.5 gone)
Hips: 40" (when will these shrink again?)
and weight...182.6 lbs.

Now its paper time, since I've put it off till...well now. It's due tonight.

Oh. And Ellen Barrett, you are still my best friend.

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