Wednesday, March 7, 2007

older, wiser, more secretive

I shall start with a special shout-out to Adrienne who actually reads this and knows every dimension of my body. Thank you for the beautiful rainbow socks, stuffed fish and awesome pen holder.

(a cake from my boss @ work)

I returned from NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) last night around midnight. Then my roomate's car DIED right as we got off of the highway, thus dubbing me Jillian "the curse" Goldfine. As we sat there stalled out, a police car drove by. He ended up "pushing" us with his vehicle down Western Ave into a parking lot. Consequently, I have a slight case of wiplash from the car going backwards into the police-rammer-ma-bob. I didn't get to bed until 2 am. On the airplane I sat next to Ruthie from MTV's Real World Hawaii. I took a picture of her sleeping with my camera phone. Also, I offered her a piece of gum and she took it! But I digress...

When I arrived in NOLA (see above) Felipe told me that he didn't recognize me. This was by far the best compliment I've ever recieved about losing weight EVER. I know he wasn't lying because his face gave away the shock factor. So Felipe, if you were lying, you did a fabulous job of making me feel gorgeous. Even more incentive to continue down the poundage.

He made it difficult to behave on my diet because we kept going to these awesome restaurants and I really couldn't help but order food that was not so great. I tried. I really did start out with good intentions. But I slowly succumbed to deep fried delicious.

On a very positive note, I walked around the French Quarters a ton with Zoey (his puppy) and I made it to the hotel's fitness room to lift some weights. I'm taking this week to regain my composure and focus of eating healthy again. Call me a cheater, but I don't HAVE to tell you ANYTHING.

While taking a trip to Wal-Mart I bought a new Pilates DVD by Ellen Barrett, who made the Pilates tape I've been doing every Thursday religiously since I started Weight Watchers. This new one is called "Pick Your Level: Weight Loss Pilates" and I can choose from beginnger, intermediate and advanced levels. I think tonight I'm going to take it easy and keep it light. My body hurts enough. Ellen is my new best friend. I love you, Ellen.

All in all I'm sure I gained a pound or so but I'm not divulging either way.

You're just going to have to wait 'till Monday for measurements and weight.

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