Friday, March 16, 2007

curse you snow!

I'm playing on Google and I Google-imaged myself. I found 2 of the most unflattering photos of myself (including this gem)
and then the third was of my roomate from sophmore year of college.

Today, the receptionist at work offered me one of these babies

And I said "No thanks." which was probably the HARDEST THING I'VE EVER HAD TO DO...EVER. Seriously, I almost died after I said no. A chocolate croissant is a gift from heaven. And I denied myself even a bite of it. I walked around to the other side of her desk and grabbed a Hershey's kiss instead. Told her I felt like being bad, but not so bad. (By the by, a Hershey's kiss is not nearly an food-gasmic as a chocolate croissant)

So now, my world-tour has been put on hold. It's friggin snowing too bad to drive anywhere. The problem is that I have no food here in the apartment, since I had planned on NOT being HERE. OK that's a lie. I do have some food. I just don't have these

and that's what I really want.

Consequently, you will find me snowed in tonight doing my pilates dvd then eating cereal on the couch.

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