Monday, June 18, 2007

Jillian is an emotional eater!

The last two weeks, I've been writing down my feelings when I track what I eat. I complained today to my leader at the meeting, because I thought it was making me eat more. She turned it around on me and brought it to my attention that eating when you're happy is still emotional eating and it's important to recognize this. If you don't see your patterns, you can't change them for the better. It made me slightly uncomfortable to admit that I eat out of emotions, because I don't think happiness should count as one. But it does. Juts because it's a good feeling, doesn't mean it doesn't count as a feeling or an excuse to unconsciously eat everything in sight.

So I'm sharing with you, that yes, I'm an emotional eater. Now, I'm going to fix it so that I do other stuff besides eat. Like, get a G-d damned part-time job. Keeping busy will keep me skinny. Liking that idea. Thanks Tito.

In other news, I bought burgundy colored hair dye and will do that this afternoon. Hopefully this will satisfy the change factor I'm looking for in a good, cheap way. I can't get an animal, I've been talked out of getting another tattoo for the time being and well, only time will get me through graduate school. So new hair it is. Wish me luck!
View from the top!

I haven't recieved pictures of my Friday evening yet, so instead I made a little BMI (body mass index) thing on Microsoft paint to get a little color on here. I'm a giant loser. I am totally OK with that.

According to the BMI thingie on Weight Watchers, I'm still overweight. My current BMI is a 28, which falls into the overweight range of 25-30. But it SURE AS HECK beats being in the 30+ range which is OBESE (If you can see it on my little chart in red) I've successfully added 8 years to my lifespan by lowering my BMI.

And before I forget, I lost a pound this week. Hahahahah. I couldn't believe it, but it happened. I was surprised and asked the receptionist if the scale was correct. This week I will be extra good and regain my composure.

Arms: 11"
Legs: 22"

Current Weight: 170.8

Cumulative Stats: 23 lost total/13 inches gone from body
Goals: 22 to 148
This week I resolve to: Add 5 minutes on to each workout. That means, when I start to feel tired and want to be done exercising, I will push for at least 5 more minutes.


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Jillian said...

who is this guy?