Monday, June 4, 2007

fatty got now what?!?!

Right now, in my possession, I have a bronze key chain symbolizing the fact that I reached my 10 % goal at Weight Watchers! This also means that I hit the original goal I set out to attain when I started this blog. As I type, I currently weigh:
170.4 pounds

Strangely, I am really emotional about it. More so than last time. Like teary eyed, feeling overwhelmed happy. There is one person in particular that I'd like to call up at this moment and share this awesome news with. I used to text him during every meeting to say how much I had lost that week. And I'd usually get such a positive response. Now, I text Tito (though I forgot today) because she has been one of the most supportive and consistent people as I lose. I also IM Amy when I get back from the meeting, because she's lost the weight the same way I'm doing it and she encourages me to keep going.

These Weight Watchers meetings really help me, as hokey as they may be to other people. At today's meeting, everyone clapped for me. And rightfully so, I'm fabulous. I raised my hand to share that I hit my 10% and I got my key chain and it felt soooo damn good. After the meeting, I stayed and set my lifetime goal weight. When I'm done, I will be 148 pounds. So basically, it's another 10% goal. My leader made me feel so great, telling me that the 22 pounds would be easy to accomplish and she's so proud of how far I've come. I also bought a 3-month journal for like $6 afterwards. It's a fun new way to track my eating, weight and measurements in a book. Now that I'm at 10% lighter, I'm going to take it even more seriously.

I've also made a colorful chart hanging up on my wall, near my desk. It has the weights: 190, 180, 170, 160, 150 and 148 and a line under each for when I reach that weight. Funny, I just looked at it and on 12/4/06 I was 190 lbs.

Arms: 11"
Legs: 22"

Current Weight: 170.4

Cumulative Stats: 23 lost total/13 inches gone from body
Goals: 22 to 148
This week I resolve to:
get back on track with writing down my fo
od points, I lost focus this week, even though I ended up being successful!
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UPDATED 6/5/07:
This weekend was fun. We went to Houlihan's at the Crossgates for dinner on Friday and I ate.... a salmon salad thingie. HOW BORING?!?! Above is a picture of me sampling 3 mini Margaritas. We saw "Knocked Up" and it made me want to have a baby. Then I stopped wanting to have a baby. Because, that's creepy.

Saturday night we went out to Lark Street, butI didn't feel so hot, so I only had 2 drinks over the course of 3-4 hours. I also ate the "crackcorn" popcorn there, but only because I was tempted by an old friend from college who actually held the basket for us, in the middle of the bar.

Here are some pics of 5/24/07 with my co-workers, Michelle & Kristen. We were celebrating my new official status as "PARENT EDUCATOR"

I really have to learn how to post pics better :)

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