Thursday, June 28, 2007

do the "lady bobcat"

so yeeeaaaaaauuuhhhh (if you know me at all, you know what it sounds like when I say yeaaaauh) This week has been...interesting. Very, very very much so. In some very, very good ways. I've been working a lot, school is finally out for summer and I'm looking great and feeling better than great.

My diet is one of purging unnecessary ugliness from my life, in addition to the unnecessary weight. So when I say I am finally free of 200-something pounds of pure negativity, I'm not lying to you. Since this fatgirlblog is about me, I can write all I want about whatever I want. This week I've made some positive changes for the betterment of myself.

Tuesday, I proved myself to be one of the most awesome people I know. I stood in front of a grill, in 95 degree weather, in a dress and high heels, and grilled hot dogs/hamburgers for about 50+ people at our agency's MOVING UP BBQ. I also set 2 grease fires on the gas grill and almost caught myself aflame, but I did it in style. Don't hate. Because I spent the WHOLE evening grilling, I believe I saved myself about 1,000 calories. Congrats Jilly, congrats!

Then, I stayed up until 2 a.m. alternating between phone/instant messenger and writing my final paper for the summer sesh. I talked with my ex boyfriend, Rick and asked him for some tricks of the trade. He clued me in to the wonders of Fish Oil as a supplement (I don't take any at the moment). It might help my hair falling out issues and something else about weight loss. Then we talked about that new diet pill that's been approved by the FDA, Alli. When you take this pill, eat smart and exercise, I guess you lose weight. You could also just eat smart and work out and lose weight too, but whatever. If you consume too much fat during your meal, you get anal leakage. Yum.

This blurb is direct from the website, then it's our response to it:
"I understand that if I take alli with a meal containing too much fat, I may get bowel changes known as treatment effects. The effects may include gas with oily spotting, loose stools, and more frequent stools that may be hard to control. Why? Because alli prevents absorption of some of the fat, and undigested fat passes through the body"
Rick: thats an aweful aweful product designed for lazy people who lack will power
sillyjilly22 8: and who want oily doody
Rick: lol, who want malnourishment
sillyjilly22 8 (2:05:59 AM): and oily farts

As much fun as anal leakage sounds, I think I'll pass.

Wednesday, my last class of the semester and we had a pizza party. I ate a lot of pizza. But only because I had saved up points to do so. Then Mel and I headed out to see Baire on her b-day but I resisted the urge to drink and stood around and talked for a bit. I felt brave turning down beer for the sake of my waistline. (HI ARIMEY!!!!!!)

Today, well today was wonderful. Sally, Rachel, Faith and I roadtripped it to Syracuse for a COFCCA Conference on working with children. I only ate a bagel at the complimentary continental breakfast. Then, at lunch, I ate a big salad and only 1 plate of food...all of it delicious. Then I went back for a small slice of cake, because I had to. Then I whipped out my friggin' food journal and wrote everything down. Booo. I learned A LOT (my workshops were pretty cool) and we had a stalker and the ride to and from was really fun.

We stopped at a gas station, and Sally & Rachel bought me a:

They thought it was hilarious. This was my response:

Now? Now I'm going to the gym, then coming home to eat Kashi Brand DARK CHOCOLATE OATMEAL COOKIES! Because they are my favorite kind of cookie and I deserve it.



Anonymous said...

didn't know you liked your sasages pickled

aRiMeY* said...

HI JILL! Thanks for the shout-out girl! You're doing great... keep up the good work :)

Jillian said...

hahahah yay!
so happy that people are commenting!

p.s. sausage has a "u"

Anonymous said...

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