Monday, August 13, 2007

the closest i'll get to being catholic or "ode to karen"

First, a few photos from Kristen's b-day in Saratoga:

Before I explain today's title, I would like to give kudos to Tito and Eric for their recent (and finally!) serious efforts to be healthy. Not only will you both be really tall, but also even better looking. Your wedding photos will be worthy of other people's envy. I want to put a dirty comment about how much more energy you'll have to make sexy time together once you lose weight... but Tito's mom reads this. So enter a witty/perverted comment here: ____________________.

So back to my title! Today, after returning from a brief hiatus, I went to a very good meeting. We talked about "Weigh-in confessionals" which is when you step on the scale, you confess everything to the receptionist who weighs you in. I am very guilty of this phenomenon. My weigh-in lady's name is Karen. Each week (except for the past 2) I am greeted with a smile by Karen. Then I step on the scale and am either: a) ecstatic (relieved) that I've lost some weight; b) upset that all of the cheese and booze actually caught up with me or c) neutral feeling, b/c I know I was "bad" and deserved whatever I gained. And each week, Karen is supportive of me. So naturally, I confess all of my "sins" to Karen. I tell how hard to get back on track, or how much I tried to have a good week. I also tell her when I've been really, really bad.

It turns out I'm not the only person in the world who does this.

At today's meeting, we ended up talking about how people from the outside (i.e. skinny people, fat people not on WW) just don't understand us sometimes. I brought up a story that just happened yesterday. Adam and I went to Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast and I ordered a bagel with my cream cheese on the side. Then he asked me why I did it, before remembering and having an "oh duh!" moment. He's actually really good about being supportive and I haven't driven him crazy with talk of points yet. We've also discussed how he really likes my body now but also admits to being happy that he'll be there when "my stock goes up"

In other news, I bought lots of new food at the stupid market today. I needed to mix things up, and I want to eat all of it right now. At the moment I'm eating these Veggie Bite things, that feel like I'm eating fried appetizer-like food. They're portabella mushroom/mozzarella thingies and I baked them. And I got to feel like a cheater for 4 points.

So, as expected, I gained a pound over the last 2 weeks. And I told Karen that although I'm disappointed, I totally expected it.

Weight: 167.2 (and I'm STILL under 170 pounds!!!!!)

I also got to be proud of myself remembering that before I did WW, I would have eaten 2-3 times what I eat now when I'm "splurging" and that's to be rewarded. With cottage cheese and fruit b/c I'm still hungry after these Veggie things.

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