Monday, April 6, 2009


See? I'm nice even when I've been drinking!!!

Went to the gym tonight, after class, and did 25-30 mins of machine work to re-acquaint my body with exercise.

I did each of my usual machines (it's been almost a month since I touched one; several months since I've worked out on a consistent basis) BUT I did each machine until my muscles felt 'burn-y' and I sweateded from my head.

This new attempt was a lot of reps, felt weird but challenging, and I wasn't bored. I don't know if I was supposed to do this (pros help me out here?!) but I did it anyways because it was different.

4 weeks left till graduation (which I am not attending)
2 weeks left of internship
The countdown to be done with my graduate school captivity gets shorter every day....

Freedom approaches quickly. Freedom to ride Adam's bicycle that he's lending me. Freedom to go for long walk/runs outside and use my gym membership. Freedom to actually attend WW meetings and get this weight off onceandforallbodangit.


Tricia said...

Lots of reps are okay. The idea is to work the muscle until fatigue (or complete failure if you're feeling like you don't need to move the next day), and lower weights can achieve that, but take more time to do that than heavier ones.

Heavier weights can make you stronger a bit faster than lighter ones (and if you're lifting below 50% of the heaviest weight that muscle can lift, you aren't getting as much bang for you buck in the "get stronger" department).

kristen said...

I love that picture, you're so pretty! It's great that you got back to the gym and started working out.

From what I've heard and read, to get a leaner look, use lighter weights but do many more reps until you're muscles are fatigued. As Tricia mentioned, heavier weights and shorter reps will make you stronger faster, but it may bulk you up faster as well.

Either way, building muscle is so good because it burns fat faster!

I love your freedom count down! From what I've read, your plate has been so full, you deserve all that free time.

Meg said...

Yay Freedom! Yay getting into the gym! Sounds like things are starting to pay off.

You look like you're having so much fun in that picture!